Scale Model Boats

Hello folk,

Just joined and am soon to be in Taiwan for 20 days.
One of my hobbies is building and sailing scale model boats. I was wondering if there is such activity in Taiwan and where it takes place as i would like to
have a look. So far, the only hobbies related stuff i have found relates mostly to model aircraft, and some railway stuff.
Given the fact that Taiwan pruduces plenty full size vessels i assume that some modelling goes on, am i mistaken in this assumption?
All replies appreciated, it may be a wild goose chase.


Have you been to the Jinwannian department store in Ximending? It’s on the corner of Emei and Xining and is crammed with small stores. Part of one floor has quite a few model shops. I don’t recall model boats, but if you don’t get more specific advice I think this is the place to look.

Many Thanks,
i shall try to find that when in Taipei, it seems to be in the general area of the
‘places to visit’ .