Scam or not?

This keeps popping up on Facebook.
It screams scam.
Tons of comments mostly asking about delivery details, but a few that look almost like honest pictures of the laptop received.

99.9% sure it is a scam.
What do you think?

If it is a scam…do you think they
a) take your money and run
b) steal your credit card info
c) actually deliver on the laptop but install it with malware that steals your identity, bank info, etc

is there a “contact us” page with e-mail or phone #?

Scam or not?

In 99% cases if one asks this question, the answer is clearly: Yes!


yes, but only an email.

:point_up: it’s a scam customer email, at least by that link. got from Google

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A big red flag is that “they” use at least six different company names:

  1. Best Buy (on the image)
  2. skylsinkte (in their email address)
  3. Econdite (on their “webshop”)
  4. Quearzt (in their URL)
  5. Ntestin (in the URL of their landing page)
  6. Ginnieus (on their FB page)

That sounds more than fishy… :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


yup, complete scam.
they take your money and guve you a stolen tracking number for something someone else ordered from a different company. Then they ghost you.

So if you see this on FB, stay away.

The bigger scam in my opinion is that FB (and other tech companies) allow these kind of ads on their websites and networks…


The ‘SALE’ sign is definitely photoshop’d

I thought the younger generation grew up with this tech. if anyone is even thinking this is real, they need to make a concerted effort to go outside and exercise daily for at least 2 hours. Helps the brain reset and see things with regular eyes :slight_smile:

those pics are absurdly bad… even on a bad phone in the rain and me being technologically retarded.