Scams in Taiwan?

I have been watching YouTube videos on scams in China.
Do any scams happen in Taiwan like they do in China? Girls take you to a bar and then you think you’re ordering a bottle of wine for x amount but it is actually per glass, so you end up with a huge bill.

Yes. It’s called “marriage.”


oh my god

They stamped on my passport that they would let me out after a month and I’m still stuck here almost 20 years later.


There are NO SCAMS in Taiwan ---- keep walking. :joy:
All scammers are abroad

A bit like: there are no swimmers in Cuba — all those who can swim are in Florida


Taiwan is small town small time nothing like the big time China. There are clubs where you go sit with girls and drink, and prices are high, and you already know because they explain the pricing in advance, but not much scamming done. No one will rough you up unless you don’t have enough money to pay the bill. And then they’ll follow you to ATM, or make you leave your smartphone until you come back with money, or something sensible.

The English teaching industry is one giant scam.

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imo you can get scammed everywhere. even in nice old europe:

i never experienced something like that in taiwan. not even in the shadiest establishment.
what’s quite common are telephone fraud and scam (official) letters. i’m not a native chinese speaker, so they mostly hung up first and thankfully i can’t read chinese that well so i don’t bother:p