Scanner cafe or kinkos equivalent?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an Internet cafe or computer/printing shop that allows people to bring in a document, scan it, break up the image and adjust file formats/resolution (i.e., with Photoshop) and burn the whole shebang onto a CD ROM.

In the states they have places like Kinkos which let you do this for an hourly fee. Anyone know of such a service here in Taipei (Neihu, or Gongguan?)


You can burn CDs at your local Kodak Photo shop. They would probably help you with the other services you want, I would think! Look for a yellow Kodak sign.

Thanks Stevieboy … do you know offhand if they will scan non-photo items? Specifically, this is an odd-sized piece of paper with calligraphy. Your average flat bed scanner would do, but I don;t know if the Kodak places use those, or something especially for prints.

I’m not sure if the Kodak shops will have regular flat scanners.

I can think of one other option, try a local computer store. Speak to one of the staff, they would probably have several scanners and would be more than happy to take your money!

I don’t line in Taipei so I can’t tell you exactly where the computer shops are.