Scanner cafe?

I don’t have the equipment to scan. Not wanting to buy a scanner, is there a place where a person can go and have this done?

I have a scanner. You can drop in and scan for free anytime, under one condition: You promise to become a ‘lovely poster’ from now on.

I guess I’d need a definition of a “lovely poster.” I could wear make-up while I type…

One of the things that I’d like to do, is scan in the collection of articles from the China News/Post I collected from the mid-80s. Some of them are unreal and usually hilarious. I’d need to find some free hosting site…all this is just a thought. Seems a shame to have all those sitting in a scrapbook at home. And I have a slide show that I made in 1986 that people might like to see. Back when the Taipei World Trade Center was the edge of town…

I used to know 2 netcafes which had scanners, but they’ve both closed.

I need to do some scanning too, so does anyone know a place that has one?

I have been looking for the Kodak Picture CD service (scanning from film negatives), but found that this is not available in Taiwan-(

However, I did find out that Kodak Shops do offer a photo scan service, they charge nt$300 for about 40 scans, plus they burn it on a CD-R.

I have a scanner but hardly use it for bulk scans, as it is way too time consuming, so this is a good way to get it all done by someone else.

You could ask if they also scan other material??

Any luck Wolfie? I got less than a week to find a place.

I know you’ve already said that you don’t want to buy a scanner, but I would still recommend considering it. Since I need to do a little scanning now and then, I’ve decided to go out and buy a new, inexpensive scanner. After pricing them out, I’ve found a decent scanner for about NT$1500.

Of course, if you buy one, you’ll have to store it somewhere. If you’re like me, though, and need to scan stuff frequently, then it’s worth having.

No, I haven’t found a place, other than Alien’s Lovely Scanner Cafe…which I have yet to try.
I would buy a scanner if I had a computer (that wasn’t made in 1995).


If you want a scan job, just email me.
You do know how to email, don’t ya?
You just put your fingers on the keyboard and type.

Does the scan job come with hot oil?

quote[quote] I know you've already said that you don't want to buy a scanner, but I would still recommend considering it [/quote]

Unless the scanner comes with a built-in computer it’s not much use to me

Wolf, you mention that you collected clippings from China News/Post from the mid-80s. Are you still collecting them? I made a scrap book of stuff from them; mostly fucked-up stories and typos (ads for restaurants were a great source!) from '94-'98 but then gave up. I used to buy both the rags every day but stopped when i started using the internet more regularly. It would be good to know that someone’s still collecting this stuff.

I stopped around 1994. I didn’t collect religiously, but there are quite a few gems. Some of the editorials are laugh out loud funny.
I think the weird stories started to fall off the radar of the papers and fewer of them were printed as the years went by.
I started collecting in late 1985, by the way.