Scanning a book to text

I need a lot of pages of a book scanned and then that transmitted to microsoft word as text and not as a picture. My computer whiz boss said I would need something like OCR.

Does anybody know where or who could do this for me? How much would it cost?

I already tried the area around Taida and the bosses said no way, no how will they even touch a book. The difficult part is getting the text out of the scan and getting that to be useable and editable in MS Word.


I understand you want someone to do this for you, but printers might be shying away from you because of copyright worries. Nevertheless, if you have a scanner, you can easily do this yourself. Most are sold with OCR software that is generally very accurate with printed text. I have done a lot of such scanning and found it very easy. For software, Read Iris is pretty good, and Omni Page Pro is excellent.

I’ve never heard of “Read Iris” :wink: but I’ve worked with OCR software before and can only second what Soddom says. OCR software basically works like a spell-check: It automatically converts the scanned “graphics” into text and only asks for confirmation when it doesn’t recognize a word. The better the print quality of the scanned-in source, the easier it is.

You might want to search for “OCR” on ZDNet. Many of the companies that sell OCR software offer free try-outs.


Buy a scanner, it usually come with OCR software.
But to find a good OCR software with high accuracy is not easy. Further, your source material should be clean for top quality scan.
good OCR software for Chinese language is also difficult to find.
I still feel shy of doing OCR. I hate the fact that I need to proofread the the files produced by the OCR before I can send it to translation.


Omni Pro

Read Iris, Omni Pro, I feel very left out there’s not some OCR software named after me

what others are there ? ax 6.0 ? Sir Donald Bradman lite ? Fredicka Bimmel 2003 ?