Scary movies

What is the deal with scary movies? I go to blockbuster all I can find is scary movies (new ones that is), I watch the “bee TV” thing at MRT’s the only trailer I can see (99% of them) are scary movies. Is it the ghost month thats causing all the scary movies to be released?

Bewitched is scary? :smiley: :wink:

I’ve heard the acting is.

People win Oscar awards for scariest acting, worst scripting, best special effect, worst directing…

Try The Grudge.

In The Mouth of Madness.
Event Horizon.
The Shining.

The blue-faced girl there is just like my wife when she is angry… :astonished:

Even the sound she makes…grrrrrrruuuuuuurrrrrgggg something :help:

japanese had that whole scary movie craze with Ring and korea followed with ju on, hongkong followed with loads of crap. its all about the $$$

I think Juon is Japanese?

Scared the cr*p out of me, anyway…(still afraid to turn the lights off, and I watched the damn thing over 8 months ago.)

(I am chicken sh*t; I know. I know. You don’t have to tell me again.)

Anyone seen that movie “Dead Birds” , low budget civil war era horror movie with that kid from “Almost Famous”.

I shat myself it was so scary.

[quote=“Bubba 2 Guns”]Anyone seen that movie “Dead Birds” , low budget civil war era horror movie with that kid from “Almost Famous”.

I shat myself it was so scary.[/quote]

Yes I did. Great piece. Surprise ending, right? Our hero survives, but he is … is … is …a … (will not tell it, someone may still want to see the movie).

A bird? A dead one?

…ooOOOHH, but have you seen “Ravenous”? :astonished:

Wanna scary movie? Just go to a suspicious motel and have yourself recorded for free. That would be a scary movie.

Well, it would be if they recorded me.

[quote=“Bassman”]Wanna scary movie? Just go to a suspicious motel and have yourself recorded for free. That would be a scary movie.

Well, it would be if they recorded me.[/quote]

You mean a trailer right? :smiling_imp:


The original, Japanese theatrical version!

The “original” version was shot on video and ony in the last two years has it been made available outside of Japan (legally). Then there was a sequel. Then came a theatrical remake of the original video. Then the theatrical remake of the original video sequel. Then the American remake. Now the American remake of the sequel is on the way.

In total, the director has made the same films 3 times. At least he stuck with elements that worked in the originals and carried them through.

I think the Taiwanese DVD of the original, theatrical, Japanese GRUDGE flicks (“ju-on”) are not available with English subtitles. I believe the Korean Dvds have them, and back in the U. S., they released the first Japanese theatrical version as “Juon: The Original Grudge” or some such nonsense.

If you want genuinely mind frying Japanese horror of recent vintage, try TOMIE, or the even more freaky deaky UZUMAKI (both Taiwanese DVDs do not offer up English subtitle options, but the Hong Kong editions do, and are avilable cheaply from numerous, reliable, online sources).

The most recent horror flick Ric saw and enjoyed (not like a joyful enjoyment ala the original Willie Wonka, but “enjoyed” for the work put into it in making him feel genuinely uncomfortable) was THE DEVIL’S REJECTS.

No, no, and not always.

Japan has had a very, very healthy horror movie market for the last thirty years. In fact, this “craze,” is little more than a bnch of internet loving shut ins who finally picked up on the fact 30 years too late.

DVD helped.

Better late than never, one supposes.

JUON is from Japan. Korean horror has been building up since the late nineties, but a lot of it is plagerize crap, pilfered from superior Japanese models. Not all, though. Some of the celluloid been screened does manage to offer up some nice moments of fright, like R-POINT. But, for the most part, Korean cinema is insular, cannibalizes from its own well, or tries to fake the funk by palely immitating a Japanese hit from across the sea of Japan.

The Japanese JUON films and original video productions (as well as the RING films) are wildly popular in Korea too. You can find English subtitled versions of those films there.

I agree that most of the Hong Kong horror flicks being produced today are crappy, but it wasn’t always that way. In the late seventies and early eighties a ton of great horror flicks came out of the former crowned colony.

the BLACK MAGIC films (officially 2, but a second sequel under the name “Seeding of a Ghost” was released in the eighties) are fun, funky, freaky flicks. You can find a slightly toned down edition of BM1 on DVD (with English subtitles) here in Taiwan. The English dubbed interntional version had more nudity and a bit more gore.

Other seveties era horror flicks from Hong Kong worth hunting down: THE OILY MANIAC (on DVD here, with English subtitles), HUMAN LANTERNS (on DVD here, with English subtitles, but some nudity and gore from the Engish dubbed International edition was trimmed), and KILLER SNAKES (you might be able to find copies in Taipei, but it has gone out of print in Taiwan and was released with English subtitles, though the dubbed International edition featured a bit more nudity) are all pretty decent.

In the early eighties, Hong Kong horror really took off. Exorcist-inspired flicks like BLOOD RITUAL are diamonds in the rough. Another gem is THE IMP, about a lowly night watchman who works in a rich office building inhabited by evil. THE BEASTS is a new territories variation on THE HILLS HAVE EYES that is really grim, well acted, and full of wonderful twists and turns.

Leong Po-chih, who now works in the UK directing so-so flicks like THE WISDOM Of CROCODILES (itself a wannabe vampire film) did some outstanding horror films in Hong Kong. His slasher flick, HE LIVES BY NIGHT is very much an Italian giallo film transplanted to Hong Kong. It delivers and is a lot of (intentional) fun. His variation on THE HILLS HAVE EYES feral family formula, THE ISLAND is also incredibly good. Instead of the new territories, he sets it on Llama Island or Shek-o (I forget, it’s been about 10 years since I’ve last seen it), outside of Hong Kong propper.

Leong should have gone further in horror, but branched out to comedies like BANANA COP - that were little more than entertaining-yet-disposable.

Dennis Yu, director of THE BEASTS also did a decent demonic possession flick called EVIL CAT, that you still might be able to find on VCD here, with English subtitles.

Tsui Hark’s WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU is a delerious, kung fu enhanced variation on THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE HILLS HAVE EYES, set in the twenties, on a secluded island, and full of Fellini-esque, grotesque faced inbred oddballs and surprises. His third film, DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE (once released here, cut, as DANGEROUS ENCOUNTERS - FIRST KIND) was a very, very grim, urban revenge film that has rich kids trying to cover up a late night hit-and-run they committed, but an incredibly fucked up young woman who witnessed it, uses her vow of silence to manipulate the boys into doing some messed up shit, like planting bombs in movie theaters, tossing large watermellons off of tall tenament rooftops onto people below, hijacking busses full of Japanese tourists, and ultimately in trying to double cross a murderous group of international gun runners. It’s horror without recognizable tropes, and it’s unappologetically grim.

Tsui Hark would go on to produce the none-too-scary but just as entertaining CHINESE GHOST STORY trilogy.

Want more? Well, Philip Chan Yan-kin, a former Hong Kong police detective who broke into the Hong Kong film industry as a writer and actor (usually playing cops) helmed a terrific Dario Argento-esque giallo called MIDNIGHT CALLER (there are at least 2 Hong Kong thrillers called that, but this is the first, from around 1985 or 86). It’s worth hunting down.

Sammo Hung Kam-bo’s ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND films (2 total) are terrific flicks full of ghosts, zombies, black magic and more. Lots of humor and some kung fu, but totally entertaining. You can grab the first one, rechristende SPOOKY ENCOUNTERS, on DVD here, with English subtitles. A slightly cut version of part 2 airs on ETTV movies every blue moon (also subtitled in English).

Hung also produced the terrific pseudo-horror film THE DEAD & THE DEADLY (more about people posing as corpses to con a family out of dough), and the MR. VAMPIRE series (4 official films, total). The MR. VAMPIRE films are heavy on comedy, but the hopping dead, or “gong si/jiang shr” are entertaining to behold.

Since time is an issue for me, I’ll jump into the nineties, with a ton of CAT III horror flicks that will make some people’s skin crawl: DOCTOR LAMB, THE UNTOLD STORY, RUN & KILL, and RED TO KILL were some of the most brutal, unrelenting, graphic Hong Kong horror films ever made. They emerged around 1993 and up into the mid-mineties, grossed a lot of folks out and scared the living shit out of many. DOCTOR LAMB is available in a slightly cut form (swearing is beeped out and some gore and nudity are trimmed) in Hong Kong. It hasn’t been avialable in Taiwan since the days of VHS (cut down even more). THE UNTOLD STORY was a huge hit, and the complete, uncut version is available on American DVD. The out of print Taiwanese version had burned-in English subtitles and was cut. Despite the cuts, the lead actor, Anthony Wong Chow-sum went on to win a Golden Horse Award for it in 1993, I believe. RUN & KILL is available on Hong Kong DVD with English subtitles. The HK version had more sex in it, and a bit mroe gore, but the old Taiwanese VHS was an alternate version. Rather than running short in time thanks to cuts, there are alternate scenes (some with humor, some with drama, and a few alternate angles that keep violence intact but do not capture it as graphically - like a wide shot versus a close up of a child being burned alive {within sotryline, not literally!}, for example). I have no idea if a VCD or DVD exists of it in Taiwan.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up this ditribe by saying that good Hong Kong horror pretty much petered out around 1996. This does not mean great Hong Kong horror never existed. If anyone has time, money (on a credit card) and internet access - I encourage you to track some of these films down.

Ultimately it is ALL about the $$$$$$$$$$ bigtwo.

I applesolutely RUV whore movies!

I think I’ll rent Ju-On one day. It better scare the shit outta me! :s

Mortifyingly so, but only because the fact the film even exists.

Man, when the world needs a RON BURGUNDY 2, we get BEWITCHED… :raspberry:

A bird? A dead one?[/quote]

A naked hairless monster dog which gets shot.

Sigh, does not sound so good once you have told it.