[Scholarship] Who else is going to study Mandarin in NTNU from Fall Term?

Hi everyone,

I’m Ben from Belgium.

I obtained the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship for 6 months. I will start, probably at the beginner level, from beginning of September :grinning:

Anyone else is going to study in NTNU from Fall Term or obtained that scholarship?

There seems to be a fairly recent thread about the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship:

Hopefully at least some of those folks will continue posting, or some other Huayu folks will come around, and you guys can talk to each other.

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Yikes! I see you’re already in that thread. Apologies!

Thank you for your reply Charlie :slight_smile:. I just created a thread to have more visibility, hope it is not seen as a duplicated one

You’re welcome, Ben, and I hope I didn’t mess you up.

If the other thread is not too lively right now, then maybe making a new thread was a good idea. Also, you’re specifically interested in NTNU, which I think justifies a separate thread (the thread I linked to earlier seems to involve various schools).

Hi there!!!
I got the Huayu scholarship as well!!..however i will study at NTU for the fall semester.

Congrats!!! :slight_smile: 6 months as well? Where are you from?

Congrats to you as well!..i will stay for 3 months.
I am from Greece.

I will study for 9 months at NTNU starting in the fall! We should all meet up! When do you guys plan on arriving? Any luck on the visa yet?

Hey there!!!..congratulations!!!..i will go to Taiwan on early August.

Hey, congrats! I’ll arrive the 15th of August, how about you? :slight_smile: