I’m looking at applying for Taiwan scholarships. The Ministry of Education scholarship looks like it would be the best option if possible. I know most unis also offer their own. Does anyone have any experience applying for scholarships? I wonder how hard it is to get in?

It depends on what you want to study. If you want to go for something technical (Physics, Chemistry Neurology, Biology, EE or similar fields) the best options are the Taiwan International Graduate Program of Academia Sinica or the ITRI Graduate Program in Hsinchu. Both easily found through Google.

I got this scholarship for MA TEFL program. At first I was in the waiting list but fortunately several people ahead of me declined this scholarship so I got it. I heard they don’t really give it for BA programmes, mostly they go for MA and PHD students. Also there is a kvota for each country, contact the local embassy or representative office in your country for more info about it.