School and Contract Dilemma Please Help!

Dilemma resolved, no need to worry. How do you delete a post?

Just do what you want to do…most chain school contracts aren’t worth the paper that they’re written on…

Go with the known quantity. Your friend likes the place, that would be good enough for me.

About a million years ago I was going to come to Taiwan to live for a year or two. I didn’t want to arrive without a job, so I applied to, and was accepted to work for Hess. While I was still in America, I signed the contract, had a medical check, got my visa, a flight/arrival date, and was even assigned a “sponsor” (current Hess foreign teacher who had been employed there for a while) to help me get settled upon arriving. At the last minute, I actually had a family emergency and was unable to come to Taiwan at that time. Since my family emergency had no clear time frame or resolution time frame, I emailed my Hess recruiter and told them that I wouldn’t be coming due to my family emergency. I thanked them for the opportunity they offered me, apologized for the inconvenience, and said that I would contact them again in the future when I would be able to make the trip to Taiwan. Everything was cool with them and they appreciated that I was upfront with them regarding not accepting employment and that was within two weeks of my expected arrival! When I finally came to Taiwan I didn’t contact them and I thankfully arrived without a job and was able to look around a bit until I found a place that somewhat fit my requirements.

So, my recommendation for you is to fake a family emergency. You don’t need to tell them anything specific because it’s personal in nature. Thank them for the opportunity offered, apologize for the inconvenience, and tell them that you will contact them in the future if your family situation resolves itself. Then, come to Taiwan, work for your friend’s school and have a good time. There is no way that they are going to know you ditched them for another job and came to Taiwan. In fact, they won’t really care.

How’s that for some advice with personal aspect?

Don’t worry, OP, HESS don’t care. They recruit in batches of 80, and half of those leave within a year. They’ll miss you about as much as McDonalds miss new employees who don’t turn up for burger flipping training. Just make sure you contact them with an excuse like Northcoast Surfer’s. Maoman also gives great advice. If a friend tells you a school is good, take the job. It’s such a lottery what sort of school you end up with otherwise.

No need for dramatics. Just send Hess an email and explain that, although you’ve signed the contract, after further consideration you don’t think that this is the path you want to persue after all.

It’s not like Hess is going to hunt you down and force you to work for them and the smaller school will surely not change its mind about you because you changed your mind about Hess in favor of this school.

As you are soon likely to hear many times, “You think too much.”

I wish you a lovely experience in Taiwan.

Hmmm, odds on Hess employee reading this post(because its their job) and figuring out who this is? :ponder:

Just be upfront, I’m sure they’re use to people bailing.

I’ve worked at both of the places you mention. I would pick Genius any day of the week. I assume you are talking about the new branch that opened near the Art Museum. It is a beautiful branch. Two days off a week helps to keep you sane.