School Closure/Open information (new semester from Sep. 1)

My impression from speaking to the teacher is that the whole staff were in, presumably twiddling their thumbs. Sure, they are setting some homework each day, and there will always be some admin I suppose. But the principal can’t bring himself to do it, they are on a salary, they must be at their desks!

I’m in Tainan. I think the rapidly increasing number of COVID cases here is the reason why. The school is saying that if we can find a way to prove “punching in,” this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s all confusing the heck out of all the teachers, including myself.


I have to “sign in” by attending an online meeting at 8:00, and clock out with a Google form at the clock out time.


WTF?! The school is treating you like an hourly paid individual?

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I work for a public school and do not have to do anything like that. This is weird…

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There are now parent groups organizing child care for parents who still need to work, but have no one to take care of the kids.
This basically makes school closures obsolete. But what are those parents supposed to do? Government suggests to take unpaid leave !!! for parents who need two incomes to get by.

What is government going to do when there is an outbreak in such places?

  1. They probably will not know since nobody is going to rat out themselves.

  2. They want to fine struggling families hundreds of thousands of dollars? This will end in more charcoal suicides.


Soon we’ll have history books detailing the “underground schools”.

Yesterday news said that the Ministry of Education would publish during the morning press conference the daily number students who tested positive for Covid. Anyone saw today’s number announcement for that?

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163 in total

in Mandarin.


Interesting… my public school is not requiring anything like this.

How does that meeting at 8:00 go? Who’s it with?

Knowing how public schools work I’m sure they’re full of interesting and useful information that definitely requires a face to face meeting and not an email :joy:

Thank you

English Dept. 10-15 minutes

It’s no different than many public schools requiring teachers to come in during the summer or CNY. There’s nothing for them to do, but they need to be there, and they better be sitting at their desk picking their nose when the county education bureau comes by to make sure they’re sitting at their desk.

The whole online teaching from school thing is BS though. Teachers need to take public transit and come in contact with others to get to work that way!! My principal actually replied to this argument with “well, I drive to work, so I’m not concerned”. Eff you.


Your principal sounds like a man-child.

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I was informed by my school today that they will be no in person summer camp. They will have to be online.

Edit: changed some wording.

Last update I got from from school (yesterday) was that they were considering moving the summer camp online, but nothing official.

Now, why any parent would pay upwards of NT50,000/ month to send their child over to the computer for 10 hours a day is beyond me, but I’m not a rich parent who is about to face the reality that I might be responsible for noticing the existence of my child for a few more months.


That is exactly what I’m thinking.

Article 63
Persons who disseminate rumors or incorrect information concerning epidemic conditions of communicable diseases, resulting in damages to the public or others, shall be fined up to NT$ 3,000,000.


You can disengage.
I’ve dealt with it already.


Ha. There’s some kind of metaphor about the immune system and memory T-cells and whatever else in these exchanges.

Either that or a Star Trek gif.


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