School District

How do you find out which schools are assigned to an address?
The US have GreatSchools. org that you can just type in the address and the list of schools assigned popped out. Anything similar? Or just have to call the school and ask?


If you live in Taipei and read Chinese, here it is.

This is NTC’s in Chinese pdf file
新北市 109 學年度各公立國民小學學區一覽表新北市109學年度各公立國民小學學區一覽總表(確認版)1090312.pdf&flag=doc

You may find similar information on department of education site of each local government.


Thank you Tando! I can’t seem to download the NTC’s file.

Btw, you can convert entire PDF to html online, and translate that in google browser. Very useful for me. 2c

How is the new link?

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It works! Thanks!

What are the numbers that seem to be segmenting the villages? I know what village I’m in, but I’ve never known the subdivision number. How do you find that? I did hear there’s an appointed administrative post below that of village president. I suppose it has something to do with that.

How do you do that?

Just search for “convert pdf to html online”. This was the one I used yesterday.
https://www.pdfonline .com/convert-pdf-to-html/

It is neighborhoods under villages, each neighborhood usually consists of 10 or so buildings.

I always need some time to find it. I will post if I find for Taipei and NTC. found

Tainan, here you can search

For Taiwan