School or tutor for Autistic Teen

Hi, I’m trying to find resources to help my brother-in-law who is 18 years old and autistic. He lives in Hsinchu with his parents but could likely travel to Taipei or anywhere in between.

As a background, he speaks English and was attending a school in Kaosiung years ago when he was much younger. He was having a rough time of it and acting out a lot and the school decided they couldn’t handle him any longer and kicked him out. His parents couldn’t find another English speaking school to take him so his loving mother quit her job to look after him full time.

My in-laws are so loving to him and have done a wonderful job raising him, but don’t speak Chinese and I think don’t know how to even search for resources. He is much better behaved now, but sadly has missed out on years of education. My wife and I live in US and so can only try to help from afar. I don’t have the words to express how grateful we would be to find an English speaking tutor or school for Autistic kids. He is such a sweet kid, he’s a giant teddy bear!

Any help is deeply appreciated.

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