Schooling during school closure

You can give her some of your money.

I never said my job was impossible. Where did you get that idea.

My kids teachers started teaching live this morning .

Just a few sessions but progress !

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Had to teach into my lunch because parents suck and I know damn well I won’t get over time :smoking::woozy_face:

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Teaching online is pretty horrible. Students turn off their videos and and mics and just bugger off. Had students so stupid. They “signed in” and left. I gave them an assignment. Later, joyfully gave them big fat zeros for handing in nothing. Run across very few people in Taiwan society after uni who are inquisitive types, who are just learning stuff, to learn. Everything is money oriented and many just exist in a zombie worker-drone state…Taiwan, where passiveness rules.


I set up a participation record. If I ask a question to a particular student at random and it goes unanswered by one of the black boxes, I give them a strike against their participation which will be reflected in their final grade. It’s not perfect, but it pushes them to be engaged more.

Is anyone else’s school being dumb about the closure? Public schools won’t even open again till Aug but because we aren’t a “real” school we might open on July 2nd if it’s not extended. I’m sure that will totally be safe /s

Private schools do what they want. They don’t care if there’s a deadly virus, these closures put their profits on the line!


Welcome to the expectation of teachers in Taiwan!

You’re supposed to educate every child perfectly and also be a therapist to every child’s parent. Standard practice.

I recommend setting up office hours. “I teach children lessons, also known as ‘my job’, from x time to y time and will be available at z. Do not call me before 8 am or after 9 pm because basic human decency dictates that you respect my rest/sleeping hours”
Edit: also, put your phone on “do not disturb” to start from the exact minute you said your “do not call me” time was, that way you don’t even need to see the calls coming in and parents who call twenty times are not bothering you. Same for email/messages. Do not open them or reply during your designated rest time. If parents complain to the admin, tell them to eff off and find a new job


I have to actually do calls at my school itself. I’ve been trying to put my foot down. My coteachers are just as bad as the managers. I don’t see why I should waste my personal time recalling when they didn’t answer their phone when they knew what time period I would call. Especially when I call them multiple times or they pick up and end the call.

First day of the next semester is Sep. 1


Finally getting to the point I just tell my coteachers and managers “okay :neutral_face:” whenever they talk and ignoring whatever BS they have to spew. I’m jealous of everyone that has their own class and can work at home haha.

I’m curious is anyone else dipping into savings?

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My savings are almost depleted. Family of 4 here. :tired_face:


It’s miserable


Try italki. You will get about 10$ an hour. It will keep you and family feed.

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Just for talking?

Or are you expected to provide planned lessons?

I’ve never used it but have some friends who are relying on it at the moment.

Each person what’s something different.

When you’re an American idiot still working on bachelor’s so can’t do online teaching lol

AFAIK you can choose whether you want to provide (and prepare) lessons, or if you just want to talk and get paid for that. I believe if you are just talking then either pay is lower or you have less students sign up. Cambly and Palfish also allow you to just have conversations and get paid for it.

Regarding todays news that kindergartens and day care schools will open at reduced capacity from July 27th, does anyone know what this means for cram schools? I’ve asked my school already but they say they have no idea yet.