Schooling during school closure

Try italki. You will get about 10$ an hour. It will keep you and family feed.

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Just for talking?

Or are you expected to provide planned lessons?

I’ve never used it but have some friends who are relying on it at the moment.

Each person what’s something different.

When you’re an American idiot still working on bachelor’s so can’t do online teaching lol

AFAIK you can choose whether you want to provide (and prepare) lessons, or if you just want to talk and get paid for that. I believe if you are just talking then either pay is lower or you have less students sign up. Cambly and Palfish also allow you to just have conversations and get paid for it.

Regarding todays news that kindergartens and day care schools will open at reduced capacity from July 27th, does anyone know what this means for cram schools? I’ve asked my school already but they say they have no idea yet.

On July 19

As for the relevant anti-epidemic guidelines for the resumption of supplementary education, they have been discussed with the expert coordinator last week and are currently being drafted.

Regarding the vaccine administration part of supplementary education industry, the Ministry of Education has also sought the command center for the project as soon as early August. However, it also encourages supplementary education teachers to take a multi-pronged approach, register through the 1922 vaccine appointment platform, and implement it as soon as possible. Vaccination.