Schools not accepting Australians?

Does anyone know why schools are not accepting applications from Australians specifically? Getting a work contract while I’m in Aus is the only way I can prove to our government that I’m not coming back for over three months, therefore they will let me actually leave the country.

This hasn’t been on every application, but I feel as though if HESS has this stance, it must be pretty widespread? Can anyone confirm?


Pretty much doesn’t matter where you come from you won’t get a visa approved through TECO to come to Taiwan anyway. It’s probably a “missing in translation” problem. What they really mean is that they are only accepting applications from people already located in Taiwan. Hess is also one of those “North American accents only” types of clubs.

I once applied there to see what it was all about years ago and an ozzie guy interviewed me.

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It says that they’re excluding Australians and South Africans. Not specifically Australians.

They’re not much of a rugby and cricket nation.

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Did he go on about gods plan? I had an American at Hess do that and wanted me to join his church somewhere over near Da’an. I think I changed my phone number pretty quick after that.

No. Just some young ozzie guy. Chit chatted for a bit.

There used to be New Zealand Mormons that got around Ximen on their bikes. That was ages ago though. And they sort of switched out every 10 to 12 months. I remember one of them used to work at Hess. I applied for a job a few months back now and nearly got railroaded into the whole #hypoChritstian crap with their gods plan rubbish. Couldn’t wait to get out of the office.

You could ask to government authorities which are relevant regulations.

They love a cup of tea though

Did you get a god new phone plan ?