Schroedinger's Bag

Is the cat dead?

  • It fell into a freak wormhole, or was stolen. Forget about it!
  • It will return, but the valuables will have mysteriously vanished.
  • The bag will reappear apparently unchanged, but somewhere out there in T-space there exist replicas of some of the contents - your house keys, for instance.
  • 24 hrs in T-space is not enough for anything bad to happen to a bag. People are honest really.

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Some idiot, mentioning no names, has just left his briefcase on the bus.

Apart from all the teaching material, some paperwork that is imortant to me, and half a packet of biscuits, it also contained the massively expensive - and irreplaceable in Taiwan - Oakleys. The PDA is repaceable, but not cheaply, and then there’s the small matter of house keys.

I am now waiting for the results of the trace program, but the bag has already either been rescued or stolen. It’s all a bit quantum - the experiment is concluded, but we don’t know the result yet. (Next time I do this I’ll put my cat in the bag first.) Of course, physics obeys different rules in Taiwan - especially where motor vehicles are concerned - so anything could happen next.

A quick opinion poll is in order, to determine expectations (which apparently affect the result of quantum experimentation) before the result is known. Add your comments below as well.

The contents are lost, but at least you used one of those James Bond briefcases that explode if someone else tries to open it.

not big enough of a sample to make any meaningful determinations. lose another 20 bags and then ask us.

You probably tried it, but I left stuff on the bus before and was able to retrieve it at the bus depot.

I’m working on it. Lost my keys this evening too. Too much going on in my head, or maybe not enough!

Meanwhile, this is an opinion poll - not an experiment to determine the facts.

Richard, I’m glad you’re useless too.

You forgot the option where the “some idiot” disappears forever in Taroko Gorge and formosa endlessly remarks that the guy is dead, however the bag mysteriously reappears. :slight_smile:

Highly unlikely you will recover it, but better odds than getting struck by lightning at the same time you buy the winning lottery ticket.

…by the way, the Oakley’s are quite nice, thanks… :wink:

It all came back, intact. There are times when I’m really glad I’m living in Taiwan.