Science textbook for grade 1

Can anyone recommend good textbooks for grade 1 science? I know science but not textbooks and curriculum and I’m asked to teach science to some first graders.

Utah open-sourced their K-5 science textbooks:

Pearson’s K-5 science textbooks can be accessed here:

Khan academy’s science videos are too advanced for 1st graders unfortunately.

Is there any print version?

You can’t recommend good textbooks for grade 1 science, 'coz there ain’t any.

Kids in grade 1 are learning basic literacy and life skills, like ABC, and “Can I go to the bathroom?” instead of pissing in their own pants.

Make lesson plans like dropping and apple and saying “Look! that’s gravity.”

Let them run around and fall over to prove the experiment.

Bounce a ball and prove that gravity can be overcome, to some extent.

Bring your guitar and teach them about vibrations, sound waves, and resonance.

Later on they will read about it and understand.