Scientists traps light for a full minute inside crystal

Germany scientists were able to trap laser beam encoded with information inside a crystal for a record breaking minute.

What I take away from it is, they get an opaque crystal, shoot the first laser beam at it, causing an electromagnetically induced transparency. The second beam with the encoded message is then sent into the transparent crystal at the same time switching off the first laser. As the crystal returns to its opaque state, the light is trapped inside.

Awesome stuff.

Cool and a fundamental step towards quantum memories (or better quantum buffers) I doubt the fidelity of retrieval is anywhere near being useful, though. :slight_smile:

Time to put Heinze in the list of invited speakers for the next edition of Horizons of Quantum Physics - Taipei :slight_smile:


they don’t use dilithium for quantum memory in trek, but in babylon5, it’s the preferred storage for the Minbari.