Scolari offered England job

Is ‘Big Phil’ Scolari the right man for the England job?

  • Yep, he don’t take no shit from primadonnas
  • Mebbe, but he’ll have to shave that 'tache first
  • No, he won’t respect the sensitive egos of England’s ‘stars’ and they’ll be left dispirited and broken

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So, ‘Big Phil’ has got the nod to clean up after Eriksson’s mess (and he could start by ditching Beckham as captain). Remains to be seen whether he’ll take the job, but I think he’s the best choice. Tactical nous coupled with a temper and an unwillingness to take crap from anyone - I like it.

What do you lot reckon?

Yes, I’ve got to agree. Anyone would be better than Steve Mclaren who was supposed to have got it but I would have preferred either Martin O’Neill or Jose Mouriniho for the job. I just hope Sven and his nancy boys somehow do the business in Germany! :beer:

I told the F.A. a number of times that I was busy in Taiwan and to offer it to Scolari.

The big questions invariably lie outside of the ‘appointed ones’ coaching abilities.

Sven claims that the single biggest factor in winning any competition is rest. He has had to fight tooth and nail to get players released, and to get guarantees from the FA that they will give his chosen players an extra week of rest.

So for Tom the big questions are: How much freedom will the new manager be afforded? How much clout will the new manager carry with the FA? Will our victory at the next world cup be too much of a burden for a new manager? (Had to slip that one in there.)

Honestly, our team is so talented they could appoint a squirrel to be in charge, as long as that squirrel is given a free hand to run things without the usual trouble stirred up by the FA and the damn media.

Scolari’s pulled out of the race.

[quote] Luiz Felipe Scolari threw the English Football Association (FA) into chaos yesterday when he announced his withdrawal from the race to be the new England manager just as the FA were preparing to appoint him.

In an astonishing turnaround, the Brazilian broke the news at a press conference in Germany with the words “I will not be the England coach”.[/quote]

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