Scooter accident


OK, i am curious about the end of the story, pleas keep me posted!:grinning:


Yeah, they couldn’t give a monkey’s about your license, except to maybe write you a ticket for it, which they would have already if they were going to.
There are certain payment/cash outs to which you might have been entitled if you were licensed (which still hasn’t been established here, BTW) that you otherwise can’t get, but your license status has no bearing whatsoever on the current outcome, vis a vis the out-of-court settlement.


I have arc for the next three years. I have it since few months. IDP is valid for the next year.


Hi i have A licence in Europe so my IDP includes the drive of ALL kind of motorbikes


So in order to repair my scooter I have to ask to my insurance company?

There is the investigation ongoing and taxi driver said he doesn’t have insurance.

Nobody ever had this experience of the investigation because of disagreement?

Anyway I’ll keep you all posted about the outcome.


Your IDP is valid internationally for the next year. That doesn’t mean it’s valid in Taiwan. Have you had it stamped at a Motor Vehicles’ branch in Taiwan? If you’ve had that stamp, it’s also valid in Taiwan; if not, it’s only valid for a month (although I’m not sure exactly how that month is counted). Many summers I’ll get an IDP in Canada, then get it validated in Taiwan within a week or two of returning to Taiwan.

That being said, whether or not you have a valid license may not matter, depending on the accident and what kind of paperwork is required. But I can’t speak to that.


I think that depends on your insurance. If it’s the basic one I don’t think they will do much for you, but who knows…

He’s :banana: I think.

What did the different parts claim for or say?


just a few things from my experience,

I have been looking at the driving license over the last few weeks getting things organized to take my test.

A European IDP is valid for 30 days from entry, I don’t know if living and returning is counted as entry but normally is in most countries (Taiwan is not most countries).

if you want to extend its use it needs to be verified winton these 30 days,
once verified you can ride a white plate motorcycle or scooter up to 250cc
This was checks and verified while I was getting it stamped
(double checked as my wife thought I could only ride 125cc so she had to ask again).


I have had first hand experience with a minor accident, however, it car on car and only two parties were involved. Your situation is a bit different.

Long story short. He was at fault. I had full coverage insurance and he didn’t. He called me to settle things without a mediator (insurance), but I pay a lot for full coverage, I was not going to waste time in negotiating directly with him.

Police did ask me for my IDP, but were not very concerned that it was an IDP. What’s key here is that it was an IDP for a car, not a motorcycle/scooter. So, I was legally allowed to operate the vehicle in Taiwan. In your case, it doesn’t seem like you are. The police may not care, but if the taxi driver or the girl you hit end up suing or taking the issue further, they can use the fact that you are not legally allowed to operate the vehicle against you.

My personal opinion, if someone asks you to pay, pay up. It’ll go away much quicker.


These are separated things. He can win this case and still get fined for not having the valid license.


Did you recive a paper where you could go online and fill a form where you ask for the police investigation? I mean I can pay but it’s not my fault. I’ll repair my scooter and keep the invoice and see what happens after the case is reviewed by police.


Nope. Anything and everything I received or filled out, I sent either the original document or a copy to my insurance company. They handled everything.

You would be very surprised as to how something as stupid as this could 100% end up being your fault. Not saying your case will be, but it has happened.

I would hold off on getting things fixed. If the taxi driver has to pay for your damages, he could claim that one of the things you got fixed was unnecessary and he’s not willing to pay.

Let insurance handle it.


just to add to @ranlee

you pay for your insurance for a reason its there job to sort it out,

as my dad has a habit of saying “why have a dog and bark yourself”


To add to this.

OP, if you have insurance, have them handle everything.

If you don’t and the driver or girl sues, lawyer up. If you don’t have insurance and they don’t sue, have your Taiwanese friend help if you guys talk on the phone or send messages.


Yes, lawyer up is only after the police investigation in case someone sue and we go to covil court.

I also think opinions like deportation or jail are not relevant for this discussion and don’t add up anything either to the legal aspect of the case nor about the procedure.

I’ll call my insurance and see what they say.


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This is my experience only. I was involved in accident. No one was blamed yet. First we had to meet with a mediator and try to resolve it that way. (essentially does anyone need to pay) Took a couple months for that to occur. Parties weren’t happy. Tried again, still not happy. Then we went to serious hearing and they reviewed footage, police report, and testimony. In the end the guy asking for money lost. And he didn’t have white license plate license so he had a fine. Let’s also add that the other 2 parties (Taiwanese) didn’t have scooter insurance.

My advice, just wait. If a party wants money then they need to ask. If they have valid claim then they should try but if cab ran the light then it should be easy to say he was at fault.


hmm sounds like there might be a lot of uninsured drivers in taiwan, from scooters to taxis.