Scooter Industry - do you know how much money is involved?


A major factor for not buying an electric scooter from the other brands is, not everyone can charge them at home. Unless you live on the first floor with a small garden or you live in a high end apartment complex, there’s a no chance there’s a power outlet available for you to charge.

Whereas a Gogoro, all you have to worry about it finding parking for it since there’s battery stations available for you to charge :smiley:


You buy an escooter from a random brand and the battery will be half dead in 3 years. Bad one battery will be screwed within a year. Thats because of the different chemistry they use in the batteries. Some claim to use lithium but they are actually lithium manganese batteries which are also shit.


What kind of random brands are we talking about? I have really only seen those non-white plate e-scooters from Kymco and Giant (yes, Giant as in the bicycle company)


Most of them are crappy but it’s all hearsay, I don’t have direct experience.


Hmmm…I guess I have been influenced by various people I chatted with this about. The general thinking was:

-taking battery out and carrying upstairs to plug in at night is not that inconvenient
-the price of Gogoro services is more than expenses of replacing a worn out battery (sorry just comments from others)

Of course, a small electric bike is not a scooter. So actually guess not the same market. However, electric bikes will certainly impact how many electric scooters are sold. For example, in Hualien the roads are full of electric bikes for students, old people and various others. I doubt many of these people will switch to the Gogoro model.

I am amazed at how fast an electric bike carrying two large people can go…many passing me by while I drive my car…for small city traveling seems quite adequate…AND no need to wear safety helmet.


There might be a gap there for an electric bike sharing service, no doubt.
Maybe gogoro will do that at some point. A lot of it depends on government support schemes like parking. You won’t be permitted to ride on a pavement with one though. Well it would end up like obike with complaints.


Gogoro are working with a start-up in Berlin to do that right now


That’s an electric scooter sharing scheme which is similar. But I was thinking about electric bikes just cos they would be a lot cheaper and there’d be more of them.


I’ve been seeing Gogoros literally everywhere in Taipei. Sometimes I see two, three, even four of them at one stoplight. Seems the share of Gogoros is increasing by the month.

Looking forward to a day in the not so distant future when there are enough Gogoros and electric or hybrid buses on the road to substantially reduce the air and noise pollution in central Taipei.



The Gogoro 2 early purchase promotion of unlimited monthly mileage ended at the late June. So A LOT of people rushed to purchase in that time. The estimated wait time of about 2 months from late June drops these few weeks, so you’ll see more and more on the road.


Yeah I’ve seen some of the new ones parked nearby, great to see, hope they can continue to push for more market share .

I think electric mobility is coming big-time we’ve only seen the start of it.

Still I wouldnt like to see hordes of these things on the pavements! This could happen though.


I’ve made the leap and I actually enjoy riding it more than my bike. The Rao He store was packed with new 2’s that were waiting for their owners. Never seen the store like that before.

Still working on putting together a vlog. Unfortunately, I picked up over the weekend and it rained. There’s a guy who vlogs about his Gogoro 1 in English, but I haven’t seen any English vlogs about the Gogoro 2…yet.


I’m a bit late, but seriously?? I see modded scooters every day. It’s a huge business here in Zhongli. They aren’t as extreme as what I’ve seen in Japan, but there are definitely modded scooters all over Taiwan.


This is also very good news for the electric mobility industry in Taiwan and will help create lots of employment, most of the parts and the charging system itself were made in Taiwan . Impressive.


This year is on track to sell the most scooters in 19 years in Taiwan !

This is very surprising news given the massive investments in public transport up North at least.

There have been a lot of promotions so that seems to have had some effect on getting people to purchase new scooters.

Still the numbers are crazy tracking towards 850,000 scooters for the whole year on this little island!

Kymco Ionex Electric Scooter

Well, if you think about it, some people’s jobs depends on a self owned scooters. Look how many delivery guys in those small delivery companies use their own scooters. Now there’s so many food delivery apps that there’s more of them on the road.

Doing deliveries everyday and probably logging in 200-300km a day, getting a new scooter every year isn’t out of the question for them.

I read somewhere or was it a post I made here, that some important Tesla parts are also made in Taiwan. That shiznits gets shipped out to wherever they’re assembling and shipped back in with that nice hefty import tax. Booo.


Most of Tesla’s motors and the connecting cables are made in Taiwan as far as I know.


What about the Evoke motorcycle ( They are from a company from China so not sure how hard it is to buy one in Taiwan but they look way better than a scooter.


Nice bikes!


saw those tesla cars recently in xinyi and now banqiao. those things are HUGE they really need to make an asian model. not practical for here at all.