Scooter parking around Taipei main station

So I’ve picked up a new class right by Taipei main station, but the class happens to be right in this narrow little window of time in between other classes I’m teaching way out in Sanchong. Sooo, to make things happen all kosher-like, I’ll need to scoot to and from Sanchong to Taipei main. My main worry is that I won’t be able to find decent parking down at Taipei main, thus causing me to be late.

So, I was hoping somebody might be able to advise me as to what would be the best street near Taipei main to find a semi-reliable parking space. Does anyone have any experience in this field by chance?

You might try north of Taipei Main, Taiyuan St, which comes off Civic (right turn). Just before the first set of lights on Taiyuan there’s a narrow alley on the right. Go down there to the end (past the back of the kitchens on the lane), and there are scooters parked at the end. There were spaces there today. It’s kind of the back of the old,old Guang gong bus station on Chengde.
Coming from Changan (one road north of civic) you’d turn right in to Taiyuan st, and then left into the alley after the lights.

Hope that helps.


How about indoors, at teh new bus station terminal? They seem to have plenty of space.

Do not park on teh Civil Boulevard side, as sometimes they catch fire… :whistle: