Scooter Performance Shop (Taichung)

I have been looking for a scooter performance shop in Taichung. I know of some outside of Taichung in Dali. But I can’t find any in the city. Any help would be much appreciated.


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what area do you live in? i can name a the few around the city… do u want a small, honest but dingy place?.. or do you want a big, clean, professional - but more expensive place??

I want an honets place, price isn’t a big issue, but knowlegeable staff are important.

I live near Wenshin and Jung Gang Roads.


corner of wen-shin an zhong-gang… ??

hmmm… head east along wen-shin (towards chong-der) and at the intersection AFTER toys’r’us (not the intersection it’s on - the one after, xi-tun rd.) turn left (hook turn if u wanna stay legal)…

immediately on your right will be 00… the big bike shop i mostly use… marty also knows this shop well… while he CAN do scooter stuff, he concentrates on big bikes… though if all you want is a tune-up, go to him…

anyways… for modded scooters, just continue on until on your right you will see a scooter shop with all shiny parts inside… viola… “GP Dream” they’re called…