Scooter power loss/dying at higher revs

Hey all

I’ve got what is usually a very reliable Yamaha Fuzzy 125 scooter. I take good care of it and perform the usual maintenance kind of stuff at regular intervals (oil changes, gear oil, filters, brake pads, spark plugs etc etc etc). However, I was riding to work, cruising along at around 60 or 70kph two days ago when it just sputtered out and died. It started again after about 30 seconds, but then after that as soon as I hit a certain amount of revs, it would just suptter out and die, so I had to putter along the rest of the way at under 30kph.

I took it to my regular mechanic and he looked it over and gave it a test ride. As he started tinkering with it I received a phone call that I had to take and by the time I was finished talking on the phone he had already fnished whatever he was doing to it, so I didn’t see at all what he did to it, but he certainly didn’t replace anything as it only took about a minute, and he couldn’t really explain clearly to me what was wrong with it.

It worked again after he tinkered with it but it feels like it has lost some power and definitely I have an inkling that the sputtering and dying is going to happen again.

I feel like a part must be burned out, possibly something electrical? (although all the lights and starter motor still work fine). Any ideas from you gearheads what could be the problem, beside it just being kinda old and worn out in general?

Blocked exhaust or air intake (air filter) maybe? If it dies at high power (not just high revs - run the engine fast on the kickstand to check) it could be grot in the fuel line or carburettor jets. Just a thought. Probably not electrical. If you can make it die reliably (reproduce the problem), what exactly are the circumstances?

It seems ok at high revs on the centre stand. High power is when things start to feel like something funky is starting to happen. Guess I should get the carb and fuel lines checked out then…

Best bet is just to change your mechanic :laughing: Some of them are very good, and some them can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground. If you have to give your mechanic instructions, he’s not worth what you’re paying him.