Scooter price ranges

I think my scooter is about to crater, and since it was given to me, I have no idea what the price ranges are; can anyone help me out?

What are reasonable prices for:
used 50cc scooter
new 50cc scooter
used 125 (or less)cc scooter
new 125 (or less)cc scooter

What are some reputable brands? Does anyone have a Kymco Going 50? Comments?


A new 50cc (SYM, Kymco, PGO) is NT$30k (+/- 10%).
A new Vespa 125cc is 80k.

Thanks very much, Rascal!!!

I think my new 150CC Movie (Kymco) was 50000, which is about the same as other companies bikes of the same ‘type’ which is top of the 125/150CC without getting into the grotesque ugliness of the Majesty/Dink/Apex ‘type’.

For used I suggest a look at and a cruise up Yenping RD/St?