Scooter rack

I am just wondering…

Suppose I was to make mechanical racks, like bike racks but bigger for scooters, would the city be interested in employing them to increase scooter parking space in a limited amount of space?

The scooter parked in alleyways and sidewalks are horrible, and I had experience where I could not leave the house because the entrance was blocked by a mass of scooters.

Also I was thinking what if a street corner was converted into some kind of a scooter parking garage with things to maximize the amount of scooters that can be parked in its limited space?

The city cannot place obstacles on a public highway, so if you’re talking about putting a contraption on this stretch, then no, they shouldn’t do that. If it’s on private property however, then they could.

Rumour has it that the drift of policy is to restrict parking for scooters, so, if there was such a policy, this’d be in conflict with it.

Taiwan is not Taipei .

But yes all it would take is for people to be restricted in where they park and to park in designated multistory car parks. A robotic scooter parking device would be hand WHEN or IF the government gets serious about parking scooters on pavements.