Scooter rental in Tainan

I’m going to Tainan this weekend and I need to rent a scooter. Does anyone know whereabouts I can do this? I heard something about ‘maybe’ behind the train station, but i’ve never been to Tainan before and i was hoping someone could clarify for me
thanks in advance!

The new Lonely Planet says “You can rent scooters from several shops in front of the train station for NT200 a day”

I must say that rate seems incredibly low.

thanks for the reply. I just found out about the new lonely planet a few minutes ago- just before i read your post!
200nt does seem low, i bet it’s the 50cc price. anyway, it’s good to know there’s likely going to be something available.
i’ll just wing it and head down there and hope for the best.
i’m going to try to see the spoonbills in nearby CiGu


–Scooter Rentals-- Call Lisa at 0911-501954

I can’t add more since I’ve never had to use the service.

Don’t know if I’m too late on this, but I just rented a 125 CC from a scooter shop BEHIND the Tainan train station for 250 for the day.

When you arrive at the station (assuming you’re on a train), take the exit to the rear of the train station. It’s very easy. When you hit daylight, turn right at the top of the stairs and there’s a couple scooter rental shops. I went to the first one.

You can afford to be choosey about your helmet and it’s worth it. Don’t under any circumstances take an egg-shaped helmet that’s too small. You’ll look like a cone-head and your head will ache at the end of the day. :unamused:

thank you everyone!
Yes, you’re right, it was very easy to rent the scooter. They didn’t even want my international license - just my passport (the ARC would have probably been ok too)

When I tried to rent in kaohsiung one time, they wouldnt rent it out to us without an international license or real taiwan license. that sucked.


Did you get pictures of the spoon bills? Did you even see any? I tried last year but didn’t see any. Lots of cranes and ducks and other birds but no spoonbills.

Taipei Times today said that there were a record number of spoonbills counted this yeat. Good news.

sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see it until today. There were 88 spoonbills just before I arrived, then they all flew away. They came back in the late afternoon, and I got a few bad photos of them. I was hoping for more. but even seeing them so far away was kind of cool because they are such cool-looking birds. Here’s my journal post: … rdwatching


Not sure if things / laws changed, but I am currently staying in Tainan City. I went to the Tainan Train Station the other day and asked one of the Scooter Shops (the northern side of the station) and they said “Only rent with TAIWAN license”. I pulled out my International DL and they said “NO, only Taiwan Lic”.

As for the “BEHIND the train station” directions. I hate to sound “picky”, but to me “behind” means on the “back side” of something. The “front” of the station is on the street / round-about, and train tracks are on the “back side” or “BEHIND” the station. So I think people should clarify on the northern side or the southern side of the building.

As for the rates. My local friends say “they heard” the rate was more like $350 per day, but discount with long-term rental. I’m looking for a month, so not sure how long-term you need to rent to get any discount.

Hi. I just want to ask where is the exact address of the motor rental in tainan? ASAP. Thank you.

Ten or more shops are located on each side of the train station in front (west side) on Beimen Road to the right and in back (east side) on Qianfeng Road to the right. Shops in front might be more used to foreigners. Scooters go for around NT$200-$400 per day. Normally will need a Taiwan license and some shops might accept something different.