Scooter rental without license or ARC

Scooter rental service SKRT. Did anyone try it?

yea i would love to know how this works.
" Traveller friendly

No International license? SKRT can help you get one, even if you’ve already left your home country. Ride legally and freely."

since international licenses can legally only ride a 50cc scooter i’d like to know how this would work. and if it works i’d like to try it!

According to their website,

Send us your valid driver’s license from your home country, and we will help issue you an International Driver’s Permit within 4 hours or less, through E-ITA

There are electric motorcycle rental shop in Tamsui or some other places. You can drive it without license.

I’m not saying it’s not legitimate, but there are quite a few known scams on the internet by places that offer International Driver License. Looks good, feels good, isn’t accepted by anyone, or isn’t accepted by those that know like rental car agencies, police if stopped or in accident, etc.

Some places might accept it unknowingly, other places are going to want an IDP from a valid authorized, maybe even on their own list, issuing organization in the same country as your license.

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