Scooter seat

I have a 2nd hand Hartford Magic 125. The previous owner put a really thick seat on it(the original came with a very flat one)

I’m 1.74 so it’s ok, but my woman is a shorty. She has issues getting on and off.(which is insanely cute to watch, but still)

does anyone know of a scooter seat modifying shop in Hsintien?

ps. And if you have an old Kymco 125 motorcycle lying around and want to sell it pls let me know. I do miss having a motorcycle!

Couple places on your right hand side as you drive along Beishin Rd toward Taipei. Can’t remember exactly how far along – maybe between Jingmei and Wanlong? They have lots of seats hanging up outside so you can’t miss them.

ooooh that sparked a memory! yup, on that corner, heading towards the Keelung circle some leopard spot seats hanging in the air. thank youuu