Scooter slashing advice please

I’m trying really hard not to lose my shit right now and go off on an “i hate this shithole” rant… I need some constructive and hopefully effective advice on how to deal with a situation that has just gotten ridiculous.

Here is some background info:

I live at the very end of Songshan rd., in the mountains. The very end. There isn’t much to do up there except hike and see a few temple shacks. My building is the LAST building on my street. To the one side of the building is a large lot for scooter parking. There is no sign saying scooter parking isn’t allowed. There is plenty of space for about 25 scooters.

About 2 months ago the people on the 2nd floor decided to put up a car garage tent thing. That took up about 10 spots. I’m not sure who gave them the right to just erect a garage tent, but they did it anyway.

About one month ago the lady on the second floor, who i always chat to and deem very nice, asked me if I would mind parking on the other side of the building. I said the side I park on now is more conveneint for me. My friend has been getting angry because 2nd floor lady keeps moving her scooter even though it’s not blocking anyone.

I’ve never had any problems with the folks inmy building. I’ve never caused them any problems and have always been polite regardless of the stupid shit that comes spewing out of their cakeholes.

This morning when I came down, my scooter seat was slashed to hell, along with the seat of the scooter I rented for my dad.

I’m not dumb. I know it is someone in the building. I know this is how they make their point clear regarding what they want someone to do. Is there anything I can say that hints at me knowing who it was… without provoking them further? I would love to tell them i’ll slash their tires if it happens again, but Idon’t want them to firebomb my house.

I sorted out the problem of petty theft in my street and people moving my bike around so they can park by installing two fake cameras. If your apartment is in view of where you park your bike, you may want to buy a cheap novelty fake camera which looks real and install it, and then casually point out where it is to your neighbours.

You can do that without offending them by telling them about the slashing (as if they didn’t know), politely asking them to help keep an eye out for the hoodlums, and mentioning that you also installed a hidden surveillance camera. You can also wait until the neighbors are home, and then report the incident to the police and tell them your suspicions. They won’t do anything but the sight of a police car with flashing lights out front might give the neighbors second thoughts about doing it again, and having the first instance on record may help you just in case you happen to catch someone in the act of doing it again.


First you should establish for sure if they actually have permission to put their car tent there. Maybe they have. Ask the lizhang.
The camera thing’s good, too, unless they recognize it as fake, in which case they’ll ignore it.
But mainly you just need to realize that they have you pretty much over a barrel if they’re prepared to use vandalism while you’re not. You could simply shout at them, brush aside their denials, and threaten to kick the living shite out of them if it happens again, but you’d need to be ready to actually do it.
Or you could moan at them next time you see them, pointing out how troublesome this vandalism is and how you’re glad you only have a cheap scooter to worry about and not an expensive motor car and tarpaulin cover who someone could so EASILY scratch to hell with just a key or a rock, or slash with a knife (look 'em straight in the eye when you say this). You could try the cops (ha ha!), but I’d start with the lizhang. You probably aren’t the only person inconvenienced by these clowns.

Buy a can of spray paint, and put the can on the hood of the car? I’m not that good at mind games.

How do i say that in chinese?

Great advice, except that bushibanned does not know for sure who in the house did it. So should he just go and slash the tent, even the owner of that may not have touched his scooter? Or kick the 2nd-floor lady because she is suspicous? Slash the tires of all other residents? Spray-paint all the cars around? - The confrontational approach does not help in this case, especially not bushibanned.

Perhaps the first thing to do is find someone that has authority over the parking place and ask him/her if it’s actually ok to park the scooter there. If yes let the other residents casually know that you have the permission and perhaps do the camera thing to prevent further vandalism. But if you are told no, well, park somewhere else.

Rascal’s advice to avoid the confrontational approach is best for this situation if you want to continue living there. Even if the person with authority over the parking area says your in the right, it won’t matter and you’ll just be seen as making trouble for them.

If your sense of justice is still not satisfied however, be sure and burn their damn car-tent to the ground after you move out.

Sandy has it nailed. Ask the lizhang for help. If you go postal on these people and it turns out it’s legally their spot, you’re going to look pretty silly. If it turns out they are pulling that ‘might is right’ nonsense then think about countermeasures. You could also try asking your other neighbors. 99% certainty you are not the first to have this kind of run-in with the 2nd floor.

how about a couple of bottles of naptha dumped on the car park tent and a carelessly tossed cig butt or some firecrackers.
That would fix their wagon.

sorry guys… i’ve been so frazzled all day that I don’t think my post clearly explained the situation.

Yes, 2nd floor people erected some parking tent… but I have never parked so their car couldn’t get out. I don’t think them having a parking tent is the issue.

Awhile back the 2nd floor lady said that the 80 year old woman on the first floor doesn’t like the noise of the scooters pulling into that side of the building. That’s why I would turn my scooter off before pulling in and push it into a parking spot. I’m afflicted with that funny western courtesty disease… just can’t seem to shake it.

This building is about 40 years old. People have been parking where I have been parking for zonks… way before I ever moved here. It’s only been during the past few months that it’s suddenly become an issue with this woman on the 2nd floor.
Her “warnings” started out as really polite conversations and concerns over “safety” etc… I was always very polite back and said I understood etc… thanks for the concern etc…

Last night when I was coming home I ran into her as I was walking up the stairs and got a whole “oh, well… you’d wouldn’t beleive it but some scooters got broken into last night and everyone’s money was stolen.” I said “well, the seat lock on my scooter has been busted for years and I don’t leave any money in there anyway, so whatever…”

It’s as though she has been politely trying to warn me by wrapping reasons in flowers as to why I shouldn’t park there… But the thing is THERE IS NO SIGN THAT PARKING IS NOT PERMITTED. SHOULD THE CITY POST SUCH A SIGN I WOULD GLADLY PARK ELSEWHERE…

and then suddenly this morning two of my scooter seats are slashed to hell… not once, but 4 slash marks across the entire bloody seat from end to end, side to side??? I wasn’t born yesterday!!

Regardless of how useless they are you still need to call the police. It is perfectly obvious what is going on. The question is are you prepared to go the whole hog? If no-one else is bothered then there must be a reason for that. Find out what that reason is. So the people on the second floor can push everyone else around? Why? Who are they? Who owns the land? You might like to erect some broken glass in the car parking spot. Always a favourite. As is superglue in the locks. Do wear gloves. Brake fluid is very bad for paintwork.

:noway: :wink: piesay! hoh!

:noway: :wink: piesay! hoh![/quote]

you need to make your enemy your friend. You need to pay social visits with gifts to your second floor neighbors. And do that often. Just go there with gifts a few times. I think things will get better.
When i first moved into an apt complex in Taichung. A nice one with a guard house and several guards. I couldnt understand why the military police raided my apt several times in the middle of the night (full arms and in force) supposedly looking for gangsters? That seem to happen especially when i had a “lady friend” over. Finally i thought ? Someone must be calling the cops on me? Wonder who? i have always been nice to everyone???

Then i had an idea. I brought some gifts over to the guard house guards and made it a point to be very nice to them. and guess what? All the hassles stopped point blank. And they would even make sure my car parking space was clear and all that. I became a VIP. All for a bit of kindness.

The Taiwanese call this kind of thing. Paying homage to the “land god” of the place.

find out who is the “land god” thats causing all this grief and bring gifts. The trouble will stop.

This is how Taiwanese fix these problems. Mutual mischief will escalate and benefit no one.

I once worked at a fairly large concern as the general managers assistant. I found my work very hard as i had trouble getting co-operation. Seems the staff made my work much harder then it had to be. So i soon figured out that they all answered to the Taiwanese office manager (who was probably miffed that this new position was created with ME in it). So i went and asked to speak to him privately. And i asked for his “help” in my new position. And guess what? LIke magic, everything just fell into place. Never had another problem with the staff. Thats what i mean “paying homage to the land god”.

Make your enemy your friend.

I am certain that if indeed the second floor lady and her family are causing you all this grief when you make them your friends you will have VIP parking status there. And they will find some way to compensate you for your slashed seats.

do as the romans do they say. in Taiwan? do as the Taiwanese do.

just go there with some fruit baskets and say something like "oh someone has slashed my cycle seats and im powerless to stop them, say?? you are very influential and respected here in this neighoborhood, could i please ask you to help me with this parking problem. perhaps you can convince the trouble makers that i am really a good man . OH and i will help you protect your motorcycle too. OH you have a car? no motorcycle? Is that your nice car down there? wow what a nice car. yes it would be terrible if these trouble makers damaged your car. I will help watch out for them. And would you please ask around and use your strong communty influence to stop this? OHHH thank you very much !! "

IN Taiwan you say things without saying. Speak indirectly to save everyones face. Mentioning you will help protect their car is making them aware that you know of their car, etc.

its like the local gangsters comign to my friends cafe for a pay off for protection. They came in and said something like “oh i heard there are many gangsters in this area? and i heard that some of them want to come and trash your place!! we can help you guard your place”. What they really mean is that THEY are the ones who will trash your place but if you pay them some protection money? Things will be fine. Because THEY will guard the place (against themselves of course).

funny thing, they came back a few days later with a lot of pai says because my friend who owns the cafe happens to have an uncle who is big with the bamboo union!!! Jokes on those guys !!

So what you are saying is that people like this should get away with slashing and vandalising and then reap the rewards of gifts and outwardly nice behaviour? there is something wrong with your ideals here somewhere.

[quote]This is how Taiwanese fix these problems. Mutual mischief will escalate and benefit no one.

It’s not how Taiwanese fix problems at all.

[quote]do as the romans do they say. in Taiwan? do as the Taiwanese do.

Well, the Taiwanese often slash scooter seats, call their buddies when things get out of hand and carry out devious tactics to get ahead.
Do as the romans do indeed.

[quote=“Dangermouse”]So what you are saying is that people like this should get away with slashing and vandalising and then reap the rewards of gifts and outwardly nice behaviour?

[quote]This is how Taiwanese fix these problems. Mutual mischief will escalate and benefit no one.

It’s not how Taiwanese fix problems at all.

[quote]do as the romans do they say. in Taiwan? do as the Taiwanese do.

Well, the Taiwanese often slash scooter seats, call their buddies when things get out of hand and carry out devious tactics to get ahead.
Do as the romans do indeed.[/quote]

iv found that making friends with my enemies solve many problems. we are not talking about crime and punishment about past deeds, we are talking about future deeds or mis-deeds here. Even mean people can be brought around to LIKE you and RESPECT you.

the other course of action? what will that become? Say the OP goes and damages the car (and maybe even finds out later that the cars owners did NOT slash his seats?). Say he becomes the street thug of note? now what? And how much effort and agony and potential agony will have to be expended? Thats why we have DIPLOMACY between countries and DIPLOMACY between people

YOU can solve the problem DIPLOMATICALLY or PHYSICALLY. which do you prefer?.

I think you are kidding yourself if you think that the people you are offering gifts to respect and like you. It’s just like saying “if i pay you this and this, will you go away?”

You’re paying for you stuff not to be damaged - this is exactly how protection rackets work.

hey - i’m not suggesting that the OP goes and causes damage there are other ways of doing things (legally) without sucking up to wankers.

While agree with you up to a certain degree about diplomacy, why do you think we have WARS between countries and WARS between people? diplomacy only works up to a point.

Hey - you can go and read my first post. Passive agression is what I prefer. But without positive action, people will just walk all over you - especially if you are just a mere foreigner.

Sure. Give 'em some fruit in a nice basket. That way they think you’re a stupid prick as well as being a dumb foreigner. Tommy, you really don’t seem to have much of a clue about how things work here.

Extortion and the acceptance of having to pay criminals protection money is a fact of life for many here on the island.
And, obviously, it passed on to each generation as an accepted way of going about life.
So what Tommy is advocating, his knee’s up “Molly Brown/Bend Over Here It Comes Again (BOHICA)”, is merely what he has been conditioned to see as normal life.
It is understandable that us “foreigners” would think this is not the most intelligent or civilized method of dealing with vandalism and possible violent behavior.