Scooter Test Safety Class Requirement

I was just making my appointment to take a scooter test (51-250cc) online, but discovered I may have to take a 2-hour safety class prior to taking the test? I hadn’t heard about this before.

I already have a car license (普通小型車) which permits me to drive a light (50cc) scooter and exempts me from the written test, at least until next month. I see that those with a light scooter license are exempt, though it doesn’t mention car licenses that allow you to drive them as well:


Does anyone have experience with this? If I do have to take the class, what is it like? Is there any english?

I also had a car license as well and had to sit through the class to get my scooter license. It’s just an hour of video on what to do and what not to do. They show a few scooter accidents as well in the video then it’s another hour of the instructor speaking. After that you can go straight to the road test while the other people without a license already will have to take the written test. The class was all in mandarin but I just sat through it anyways and passed the road test after.

If I remember correctly, the safety class is valid for 1 year so if you fail the road test you won’t have to sit through the safety class again.

Take the test soon as others are mentioning that you will not be exempt from the written test starting May 3 even if you have a drivers license already.

Thank you! Sounds like it’s not too bad after all. And yes, that’s why I finally decided to get around to taking the test. I’ve gone to the practice areas, bit nervous I might have to give the road test a few tries before passing due to nerves haha

Sounds like it was alright for you on the first go though?

It wasn’t bad at all. I was a bit wobbly one or twice but that was just to make sure my wheel didn’t hit the line. As long as you can get through the straight line in more than 7 seconds without hitting the line everything else is relatively easy. Just exaggerate your head movement (looking left and right) everytime you start from a stopped position. I watched their scooter instructional video on the course before hand too.

My brother-in-law unfortunately didn’t pass the first time around and subsequently gave up on it… maybe not being exempt from the written beforehand will motivate him enough to give it another try.

Good luck and update us on your experience!


You have to take a class which is all in Chinese , they will show you some safety videos , a ppt presentation about safety … you just need to listen and sign a form that you attended the class
After finish the class, then you have to do the written test in the computer room and finish with the driving test

more info in this blog , google for " Easily get your Taiwan Drivers License"


What’s the website, please?

For test Appointment you need to click on 考照預約報名

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How much is the safety class, the road test and the license?

For scooters :

  • Medical examination fee 體檢費100元
  • Registration fee 報名費250元 (Includes the written test , driving test and Safety class)
  • License fee 駕照費200元 (You pay this after you pass the test)

For reference



I am still searching for some proper solution.

Didn’t pass the first time around. I was too nervous and forgot to look both ways before proceeding through one section. Disappointing but I’ll give it another shot next week!

Also, I thought the safety class was actually pretty good. Sure there were parts when I didn’t fully understand what the teacher was saying, but imo the information was pretty valuable. No regrets there.

Which is basically pretty much a joke.

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Friendly reminder, if you want the 50cc to 500cc 普通重型機車 you’ll need to ride that type of scooter for the test.

If you ride a 50cc then they will only give you light scooter license.

I had to pass the test twice the day I took my test because at first I used a 50cc without knowing it wouldn’t count.

This is supposed to be $150.

Not necessarily. I had mine done for 100 at a 衛生部

The doctor just said to me, lift up your arms, ok everything looks in working order and you do, in fact, have arms and legs and can fog a mirror. Passed

Fortunately I did a licence transfer and didn’t have to take the useless test and watch a video

… and squat!

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