Scooters - collective noun

So you’re driving along and 8 scooters come by you in close formation. Is there a better term than “a pack”?

I’m liking pod.
“I was passed by a pod of scooters on the way to Jilong this morning.”

Yeah pod works. My first thought was ‘swarm’.


Worthy topic. :bow:

+1 for swarm… from a sonic perspective it fits, too. There is nothing as orderly as scooter pods on the streets of Taiwan.

There’s a list of collective nouns on wikipedia.

I like this one (supposedly for wild cats):

“A destruction of scooters”.

Out in Xinjhuang it would be ‘a cloud of scooters’. :laughing:

Edit: I really like both ‘a murder of crows’ and ‘a parliament of owls’. I’ve long pushed for ‘a defenestration of dwarves’.

If there are really a lot, you could always use:

“A shit ton of scooters”


“A hellovalotta scooters”

Both I think work, but I prefer the first.

The correct phrase would be a Wunch of Bankers.
It’s tricky but when you figure it out you’ll know I’m right.

+1 for swarm. If they are clustered at a stoplight, they should be referred to as “a hive” of scooters. If they are parked, they are referred to as “a nest.”

I’ve always felt riding a scooter is like being in a school, as in a school of fish. You have to all move this way or that at the same time. I guess flocks do the same.

‘Phalanx’, when they all take off from the lights together.

then ‘a swarm’.

An infestation

a squadron of terror

I would also call it a swarm. “Pod” or “school” sounds too organized for the buzzing mass that gathers at every stoplight.

A gaggle of scooters.
A fleet of small engined motor vehicles.

:laughing: How about, ‘a flight of KMT’?

Seeing how so many of them drive so slowly and aimlessly, I’d say, a “putter” of scooters.

SO nobody is going to vote for a Wunch of Bankers.
How about a bunch of wankers?

A barrage.
A torrent.

Technically accurate, of course, but it ain’t a collective noun (“bunch” is the collective noun in this case).

Technically accurate, of course, but it ain’t a collective noun (“bunch” is the collective noun in this case).[/quote]
Therefor I say we invent the word “wunch”.