Scope of the basic "Third Party" Liability Insurance


I have searched for previous posts but there seems disagreement about this. In a “my fault” accident, is the scope of the coverage:-

(a) Damage to the other vehicle and driver (i.e. repair/writeoff costs, medical costs, compensation), as per UK “3rd Party Risks”?

(b) Just the other parties medical costs. Vehicle damage settled privately?

© Essentially nothing. Everything is down to private negotiation perhaps informally mediated by the cops, or formally mediated by the courts?

I’ve seen accounts apparently compatible with each of these, and am confused, and a bit concerned as to what might happen financially if I hit something (and/or someone) pricey.

Experiences / opinions?

Given the long load silence on this I’ll try and answer it myself, based on info gathered from a Chinese speaking insurance agent while transferring registration.

The basic (legal min.) coverage which m ost people have is for personal injury or death. Premium for this was about 1500 (for a Mazda 323) so I’m guessing they don’t pay out much or often. I don’t know what the maximum payout is.

The next grade up covers the other guys vehicle damage. Premium addition for this was low at about 2400, but it only covers up to a max of 200000. (i.e. roughly four thousand quid) so even with the extended cover its still (economically) a very bad idea to hit a Porsche, or one of those shiny black Mercedes.

This is pretty scary. The roads are full of badly driven, split new shiny cars which are just asking to be clouted, and I (and the majority of other road users) am essentially uninsured. Should have stuck with the push bike.