Scorched Earth--more fun than you might think

Way back in Ancient Times my friends and I were addicts of a game called Scorched Earth.

If you’ve never heard of the game, in Scorched Earth, you played a tank on a 2D screen with a random landscape. You scored money and points by blowing up your opponents with a huge assortment of conventional, non-conventional, and highly funky weapons. It was early 90s shareware, and huge fun.

A while back I looked up Scorched Earth on Wikipedia and found out that there is an updated, 3D version available as freeware, called Scorched 3D. It’s available here:

If you were a fan of the original Scorched Earth, this will likely make you cream your jeans. It can be played solo or online, and is hugely customizable. If you’ve never heard of it, give it a look.

Kablooie, I say.

(Heavily edited, on account of how I really screwed up the HTML.)

Looks good. I can’t find anything on the site about minimum system requirements. My PC isn’t that great, so I’m not sure if I could run it.

I’m not sure what the minimum requirements are, but it would probably run on most pcs. And it’s got a lot of configuration options–many possible screen resolutions, full-screen or windowed, and lots of other graphics options can be turned off completely.