SCORE Sports Bar in Taipei: Where is it?


I am familiar with The Tavern Sports bar in Taipei, which is fine but they focus on European sports. Does anyone know where to find a new sports bar run by Americans called SCORE?


Start at the front of the Far Eastern Dept store on the Jen Ai Circle. Walk south along Tun Hwa South Road. Around half way to Hsin Yi road is a street (your guess is as good as mine).

Turn right (you are now heading west towards Fu Hsing South Road. Stay on the north side of the street. It’s about a block and a half down.


Get to Tun Hwa in intersection with Renai Rd. There is a small rd. called S. Wei. Walk in until like 2 blocks. Then you will get to a bigger road and turn left. That will lead you to the Score Bar. Next to the score bar you will find the Music Box.
hope that helps!


Found it. Bad interior decor. Dead when I went. But at least the pool table was free and avilable and they had Erdinger Wiess beer. Don’t think I will go back again.


That place is normally empty. doesnt have much to offer but i guess its ok to go for a beer. try the music box that is just next to it. they have karaoke all night. the bar people are really nice.


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