Scoring of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU MTC) placement test and classes

Hi everyone,

I’ll be attending the Mandarin Training Center at National Taiwan Normal University this fall, and was wondering how the placement test is used to place students in different classes. What are the thresholds?

I’d be grateful to hear placement test scores form people who attended NTNU and what classes they were ultimately put in.

Thank you!

i don’t even remember my college GPA, much less an NTNU MTC placement score.
Then again, I started at bo po mo fo level

How long did you take until you could read news, etc., easily in traditional Chinese? Did the classes at NTNU help?

took 2.5 years of classes there.
last 1 year was newspaper clippings.
after 2.5 years, any firm should want you for your reading ability. Speaking is added bonus.

Since most people go there for the visa, expect to be sharing the class with people who have MA in Asian Studies with emphasis in Song dynasty literature… at intermediate level. Not because the tests are hard, but because they purposely choose a lower level to get better grades/have it easier/take longer.

You are not given a proper score, just an approximate assessment by a teacher who basically eyeballs it.

If you want to learn pony up for NTU Intensive. MTC is not what you want.

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i didn’t go to MTC for visa. Then again, it was a proper school 25+ years ago

It was. But now it isn´t. I am not accusing you of anything, I am telling the kid how it is now, something he needs to know so he won´t be disappointed or feel unhappy in his class.

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Hey Icon, thanks for your response. Doesn’t MTC have intensive and non-intensive options? Are you saying the classes will be hard because of overqualified classmates? I think I’m at intermediate level, but would you recommend that I take elementary classes?

On the contrary, the classes are basically rote reading. The classmates will engage in a one way dialogue with the teacher and you as a “slower” student will be paid no attention. Actually, you´ll be the one at the right level… it is just that the others are way down to take it easy. Teachers like to deceive themselves that way.

AFAIK, nope, MTC doe snot offer intensive. Problem is the textbooks, lack of actual learning materials and overall approach top teaching and learning.

What all students say is that you go to MTC but you learn on your own, outside. MTC is for your right to be here on a visa.

I would recommend you not to go to MTC. NTU has intensive and non intensive. The intensive is managed with a foreign university and it is quite expensive but more worth it for your career.

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All of this. I did MTC. ALL of this is so entirely true. I could say this but I would be parroting this. I went to MTC and it was the biggest waste of money for me ever. No words could ever describe how much I hate that socalled ‘school’.

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there are cheaper option than MTC, I don’t know if any better but MTC was totally trash, waste time, money.

Taipei Mandarin Center/台北語学センター/타이페이 언어중심

It really surprised me to see all these complains about MTC.

I had a pretty good experience there and they helped me to improve my reading and writing a lot!
Of course, it requires practice and dedication, but I found MTC quite good, in fact. Lots of interaction during classes, not only one-way from teacher to students, but also among the students themselves.

Reading your comments made me feel like there are two different MTCs…

What I’ve heard is it all depends on your luck.