Scotland bans smoking in pubs/restaurants

Ireland, Scotland…who’s next??

Sandman won’t be pleased…

But smoking is as addictive as heroin, if not more according to some studies. How is that being dishonest?

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Ireland, Scotland…who’s next??[/quote]

We can only hope…

My prediction for Taiwan, we seee smoke free Pubs and Restaurants within six to twelve months. Good for my lungs!

when i went back home (vancouver) for the first time in a while, found the bars/pubs to each have a glass-enclosed room … thought they were some kind of VIP/reservation only places, until i saw everyone puffing away inside.

might that not be an option for here as well? perhaps better than patios, which there often isn’t room for, and the lack of ambiance that would go with most of them (near a busy road etc.)?

That is the idea the Taipei City government is currently proposing! Atmosphere in a glass-enclosed room? Very much doubt it. A bit like at an Airport (my favourite smoking room still Seoul Airport with tha bucket of water in the middle). Most Dante’s coffee shops have gone down that route already, as said i would rather ban it and quit myself than sitting in a glass house.

I expect they are the minority in Scotland and most people would be in the category below. Also, I’m not sure Taiwanese have the education required to consider if smoking is really bad for them. Those with loved ones who died from it or are sick will have a good idea.

One of my previous wives lost her Uncle to throat cancer and mother to lung cancer. It must be the same story going on in Taiwan.

[quote]"I think that while we will see some people resisting over the early days of the ban, the vast majority of Scots don’t smoke.

“The vast majority of Scots who do smoke want to give up.” [/quote][/quote]