Scotland Earthquakes?

The sky is falling…from a 2.2 magnitude earthquake apparently. Am I missing something? How is this news?

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Just to let the locals know it’s not a passing train, they seldom get the earth moving over there.

Same as the floods in canada or snow in taiwan. Rare events trigger attention cravers.


The UK is ‘on edge’ (I use Chrome, personally) at the moment and the media is capitalising on it. If it gets clicks, it’s money for them.

Anywei, was likely Morag fartin in tha baff 'gain, pet.

Island countries always are. :cactus:

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I just actually read the article its quite a nice filler piece.

“The night-time tremor was 17 billion times smaller than the earthquake that caused devastation in Japan in 2011, Ford said, adding: “You literally wouldn’t look up from your coffee or your newspaper for an earthquake that size in California or Japan.”

Good comparison.

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