Scott McClellan gets drilling by Amy Goodman

Ex-White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan Speaks Out on the Bush Admin Lies and Media Allies that Led the US to War

[quote=“McClellan”]The President and his foreign policy team lowered the threshold for going to war by developing this new doctrine of preemption and saying that it was no longer whether or not a threat was imminent or coming to our shores, but whether or not a threat was grave and gathering.

And one of the things that I talk about in the book is how, from my own personal standpoint, I did not believe we should be going to war unless it’s absolutely necessary. Now, during the buildup to the war, when I was deputy press secretary, like a lot of Americans, I felt that we were rushing into this, and I was wondering why we were rushing into this war with Iraq. At the same time, like a lot of Americans, I was willing to give the President and his foreign policy team the benefit of the doubt. Now, that benefit of the doubt, that trust in them, was misplaced, as I look back at that time period. What happened was, we took that intelligence, we packaged it together in a way that overstated the gravity and severity and urgency of the threat from Iraq. And that was really what sold the war to the American people.

When the driving motivation behind the war—my view is, from later coming to know the President a lot better when I was White House press secretary and his views better about Iraq, the driving motivation really was this desire, this idealistic and ambitious vision by the President to go in and coercively implant democracy in Iraq and that that would be the linchpin for transforming the whole Middle East into a thriving region of free and democratic nations. Now, someday the Middle East, we all hope, is a more democratic region, and it’s been taking steps to move in that direction, at any rate. But I do not believe that you can coercively go in and try to implant democracy. We must support reformers across the Middle East and do everything we can to help them, but to do so militarily and make that the prime part of your objective, I think, is a mistake. And I think that we should only go to war when we are directly threatened or if there is an extenuating circumstance when it’s absolutely necessary and there’s genocide occurring somewhere, and then you have a broad coalition of the international community ready to go in and act, as well. [/quote]

This is a pretty hard-hitting interview. She doesn’t cut him any slack for his role in poo-pooing and bull-shitting the press during his time as Press Secretary, even though now he’s repentant (sp?)

On Katrina:

The interview is much more enjoyable if you listen as opposed to reading it, as Goodman places a lot of pretty embarrassing tapes of McClellan as Press Secretary and asks him to respond to himself!

And I thought it was gonna be a weird porn flick with a strap-on. :doh:

[quote]One of these days he and I are going to be rocking on chairs in Texas, talking about the good old days and his time as the Press Secretary. And I can assure you I will feel the same way then that I feel now, that I can say to Scott, job well done.
[/quote] – President Bush, 2006

I’ve noticed President Bush looking noticeably haggard since Scott McClellan’s book came out. It appears truth may have finally penetrated the White House bubble.

Indeed, McClellan’s confession has rocked the foundations of the entire neoconservative movement. Was it coincidence that Fred Smith’s Second Coming after months of absence occurred at the same time McClellan’s book came out? And the rest of the “don’t-call-us-neoconservatives” neoconservative cheering section? Gone nearly silent in the IP forum recently.

Because President Bush is currently feeling cornered by the truth and by the cold breath of history on the back of his neck these are actually very dangerous times as he may be driven to go for the Hail Mary pass in the waning months of his presidency. His resident head cheerleader, Fred Smith, is even hinting as much with his new “bomb Iran” theme song and if anyone knows it’s our resident poster boy for the Neocon movement.

Are we going to make it to January in one piece? Only God and Dick Cheney know for sure at this point.

Figuratively, that’s what it is. She gives it to him with a nice big extra-wide. It’s almost painful to listen to. Not that I don’t enjoy a little good strap-on action myself, when the mood strikes me. (And you can take that any way you want - hehe)

I rather doubt that. They see what they wanna see and hear what they wanna hear. President Bush is all about thinking the same thing he did on Monday as he did on Wednesday, regardless of what happened on Tuesday. And oddly, a lot of Republicans LOVE him for it.

Hey, it’s bad luck to say something like that. Kind of like saying, “Quiet night, aint it?” in an ER. I’m sure Fred’s just been busy attending some Illuminati ritualistic orgy or communing with the Emperor or whatever he does when he periodically disappears. He’ll be as noisy as ever, soon enough - spouting about how the surge has worked and the Democrats are a do-nothing party because Pelosi won’t let Kucinich impeach Bush (which is true!). Aint no amount of truth gonna change his mind. Last eight years have proven that.

Oy, vay!

Hehe. I also love it when he flat out admits he never even read General Clark’s book after ragging it out for the benefit of the press corps. That’s so Forumosan conservative of him!

However, I’m sure he wasn’t in this just for the punishment-F***ing he got. He probably figures’s audience are just the sort of people who would just eat this shit up, and thus it was a great place to plug his book (which he did, shamelessly!) And it probably worked, 'cuz I’ll most likely add it to my summer Amazon list!