Scottish Women!

Do they rock or what? Sharleen Spiteri, Annie Lennox, Shirley Manson…Scotland really turns’em out.

Shirley Manson and Garbage


I must admit to having many a good time with the women of Scotland :slight_smile: One thing you could always guarantee when on holiday in Europe, Scottish women, on the lash, and up for anything!! :astonished:

Might be something to do with the menfolk, you know, it forces the lasses to channel their frustration into creative avenues.


You have to be careful with Scottish women, they can be a bit tricky, sometimes they are really a man in a skirt.

Hahaha! Thanks for that picture HG, I’d forgotten about good old ‘Fat Bastard’! :slight_smile: Good point on the skirt thing too FM. I bet Sandman likes to wander around suggestively in a Kilt!! :astonished:

I went to see Texas last Hogmanay. They put on a great show, and Sharleen came to my bro-in-law’s party the following night. She’s a very cool woman.