SCOTUS Patrol: What's Going On

Then call me the Buffalo Bills and pass the bong.


Yo, I already did — above— down to using the same terminology (eg. “judicial fiat).”

“But rather than painting an ideological argument framed around complex philosophical, ethical and moral considerations, Stewart argued the court should itself simply be neutral. Abortion, he said, should be outside of the court’s jurisdiction entirely, because the constitution places responsibility for these types of issues, which represent the intersection of changing science, theology, morality and medicine, not with judicial fiat, but with the democratic process.”

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You also said feti might decide to exercise their right to squat in the uterus. :laughing:

When elected representatives eventually legislate the line between an unborn child’s rights and a woman’s right to control her own body they’ll need a legal principle to build on. I was suggesting one possibility in response to:

It’s not a coincidence that the Abortion Debate is back, since it comes on the heels of a Global Pandemic which has infected and killed millions, and of which we don’t yet fully know effects on reproductive systems down the line, and with the looming potential for a World War with China, the Government is quietly pushing to reinstate the Military Draft for Men and Women. The Military population is simply outnumbered for the future. China has now lifted restrictions on number of babies allowed per family. In 20 years the world may be facing annihilation by CCP. Even factoring in population crash, it appears to be affecting many countries around the world - China will still outnumber in terms of recruits. Plus, factory workers alone in China are around 120 million — the West is going to need to achieve similar factory worker population size if complete decoupling is expected to happen. Automation won’t be much help if there’s semiconductor shortages well into the future.

In conclusion I think the West is in dire need to grow its military population and factory worker population, and we may see increasing restrictions on Abortions in many countries, and increasing opportunities for recruitment and factory work - hence reinstatement of the Draft with Male and Female mandatory recruitment.

The Republican party has been preparing a bullpen of SCOTUS picks for this fight for decades, and this is the culmination of that.

It’s the culmination of War with a Great Power Adversary. There will be a bargaining between Abortion Rights and reinstatement of Mandatory Conscription. The goal is to rapidly grow the Military and Factory Worker Populations in the West.

End the blame game and instill personal responsibility. Trying to sell the idea as “growing factory workers” is never going to wash. Recruitment into the military, I believe, goes down when there are safer, higher paying jobs in the factory. Abortion is and has been used in many communities as an option for those with bad impulsive behaviors. “Buy that new shirt you can’t afford, you’ll feel better about yourself” and “Boink the stranger from the bar, you have options if you create a potential burden”, are concepts that go hand in hand.

If SCOTUS does anything other than find the Mississippi law unconstitutional and reaffirm Casey completely, what are the odds that court packing is back on the menu for the Democrats?

I’m guessing close to 100%.

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I’m just trying to highlight that what may seem like a debate over the “individual right to choose” is actually a longer-term population planning to ensure the West has a fighting chance against authoritarian super powers like China - to not only have a large presence for deterrence, but to also have capability to manufacture locally without risk of disruption to shipping lanes and overseas factories. In the granular level, yes, the media would have you believe its divided among party lines, (GOP = Pro Life and DEM = Pro Choice) but you will see as time goes on that it’s not really that accurate, and that there’s a lot of Bipartisan Agreement at the highest levels that a balance is being seeked between Pro-Choice and Conscription. This is not a local issue to the US either, you will see the whole world is going through the same preparations, which is why I mention “West” – which is basically the Allied Powers which also includes Taiwan, Japan, etc which is not “technically the west”.

As we speak, in 2021 the US has already removed the word “Male” from all conscription legislation to not only apply equally, but to also maximize conscription population. The DoD has also begun to rehearse for the recommencement of the Draft. This is all happening simultaneously with the revisiting of Abortion laws.

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So what, you think we need tons of new people to manage the machines which produce weapons and drones and stuff to then monitor the machines that fly, drive and direct that stuff?

The only reason we need new people is to buy shit. Buying shit helps old people not starve to death.

Unless they can do it in a year, who cares?

I wonder if ODing is…I mean it seems to be in Vermont.

So, stfu, old man.


We already got a taste of it when the Defense Production Act was engaged in 2020. It’s a way for the Government to re-focus much needed expertise in the consumer world to help defend the country. Conscription doesn’t necessarily mean people fighting on the frontlines – it could be scientists and engineers at tech companies being plucked from their jobs temporarily and re-focused on special projects for national defense - leading new teams, providing guidance, expertise, etc.

And yeah we all thought we’d all be out of jobs by now because Robots would be doing everything from cooking us food to fighting wars – but lucky (or unlucky??) for us there’s semiconductor shortages! haha

People who aren’t children never thought that.

Back to abortion:

You can expect abortion-rights activists to stoke fears that a reversal of Roe will criminalize abortion in all 50 states. Of course, serious Democrats know better. In states like New York, politicians have been pushing laws that declare abortions legal until the moment of birth. Overturning Roe simply means that states decide.

Politically, the states where 75% to 80% of abortions have been taking place in recent years, according to figures compiled by the pro-abortion rights Guttmacher Foundation, seem almost certain to make sure abortions are permitted, and none seems likely to criminalize the procedure altogether. (It’s also worth noting that pre-Roe abortion bans were almost always enforced against abortion practitioners, not abortion consumers.)

Even states like Texas, whose recent abortion ban controversially authorizes enforcement by citizen lawsuits, are unlikely to ban abortion altogether. And the large majority of current abortions, as abortion-rights supporters often point out, occur before Mississippi’s 15-week time limit. Total abortion bans are likely to be passed only in states where almost no legal abortions are performed already or in the anti-abortion territory of Guam. The lion’s share of abortions currently legal will remain legal.

From the Court to Crimea, the past week offered glimpses of the different world we soon will be inhabiting. Not all the images are comforting. They remind us to temper our expectations, avoid rash judgments, and be modest in our presumptions. Above all, they remind us to think seriously about how best to preserve our traditions of freedom in these strange and darkening times.

Buncha babies who fear change. When were we last sooooo afraid? Oh right, the 90s. :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, definitely in Chicken Little territory there.

The woke neo-socialist left and the national populist right disrupt and polarize, complicating the chances that the electorate will arrive at a non-crazy, common-sense politics of moderate reform and civil peace.

Why? If the electorate wants that, they can get it. This guy’s probably got it totally backwards.

Congress is nowhere close to figuring out how to deal with Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Good, the less those hacks mess with it, the better. Etc., etc.

Right, and the idea of sucking a developed and dreaming baby out of a uterus with a vacuum cleaner simply doesn’t sit well with some people.

The NYT though thinks any walk back would make us draconian. :roll_eyes:

It’s the Abortion Op-Ed.

Unless Republicans win the trifecta- House, Senate, and Presidency- which is certainly possible by 2024, and, without Constitutional protection, simply declare abortion illegal nationally. People who think abortion is baby-killing are not simply going to sit back and nod happily at the prospect of New York and California continuing to murder babies.

Latest figures I an find for Guttmacher are from 2017; They show-
US total 802,000.
Northeast 224,310
Connecticut 11,910
Maine 2,040
Massachusetts 18,590
New Hampshire 2,210
New Jersey 48,110
New York 105,380
Pennsylvania 31,260
Rhode Island 3,500

Midwest 133,120
Illinois 42,080
Indiana 7,710
Iowa 3,760
Kansas 6,830
Michigan 26,630
Minnesota 10,740
Missouri 4,710
Nebraska 2,020
North Dakota 1,160
Ohio 20,630
South Dakota 500
Wisconsin 6,360

South 295,290
Alabama 6,110
Arkansas 3,200
Delaware 1,900 37
District of Columbia 5,630
Florida 71,050
Georgia 36,330
Kentucky 3,200
Louisiana 9,920
Maryland 29,800
Mississippi 2,550
North Carolina 29,500
Oklahoma 4,780
South Carolina 5,120
Tennessee 12,140
Texas 55,440
Virginia 17,210
West Virginia 1,430

West 209,600
Alaska 1,260
Arizona 12,400
California 132,680
Colorado 12,390
Hawaii 3,100
Idaho 1,290
Montana 1,580
Nevada 9,690
New Mexico 4,620
Oregon 9,640
Utah 2,990
Washington 17,740
Wyoming 140

Don’t see how those numbers add up to 80% of abortions in states which have Democratic legislatures.

Even states like Texas, whose recent abortion ban controversially authorizes enforcement by citizen lawsuits, are unlikely to ban abortion altogether.

Why on Earth not? Even with Constitutional protection they tried to set it at six weeks.

It’s more than possible that this decision energizes the left and 2022 isn’t the landslide that everyone seems to expect. Even so, I think that the left may try to it in the time they have.

There’s no majority that wants that.

As for the cascade effect. I doubt it will happen.