Preferably with real wooden tiles, and not too expensive (Toys’R’Us).


CHecking on Amazon, it doesn’t sound like you’re getting much of a product – Classic Scrabble has wooden tiles, as does Deluxe Scrabble, but most Amazon reviewers seem to complain about the quality and the lack of extras such as scorepads, etc., and suggest that you’re better off just going for the regular kind or ordering a custom-made set if you really want something nicer.

At the corner of Nanjing and Dunhua there is a large department store. On the fifth, sixth or seventh floor of that department store is quite a large toy store. Inside that quite large toy store, close to the cash register, is a collection of games, monoploy, chess, scrabble etc. The price for the scrabble board is about NT1000 which, given the advances made in mass production over the past century, represents an incidence of price gouging, or to put it otherwise, further evidence that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, at least when they want to play scrabble. In any case the scrabble board is composed of a dense cardboard like material and the tiles appear to be a by product of the lumber manufacturing process. Such as it is. Miserable is always a winter time of year and this miserable is proving no exception.

Yeah, the Classic Scrabble is the one I’m after. Not too bothered about the lack of score pads. Any idea where I can find a reasonably-priced set in Taipei?


Er, thanks Bob. I think that’s Toys’R’Us you’re referring to. Not sure what your last sentence is all about, but thanks for the entertaining post!

You are most welcome. Little b bob always tries to be entertaining if nothing else. I suspect you are probably correct about the Toys R Us thing too.

I bought a Classic Scrabble game at Cave’s on Jongshan Sec. 2 next to the Subway. It was just under $800 if I remember correctly- plastic tiles though.
P.S. if this is a double post its not my fault…only hitting that submit button once but several of my last posts have been duplicates.

Are there any people playing scrabble around here? I would kill for this opportunity.

eBay is your only option. The new Scrabble sets are horrible.