Scrap gold buyer?

Does anyone know a good place in Taipei EDIT: RESOLVED

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Any goldsmiths will buy your gold. Just look for a jewelry store.

This one is just by MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing.

Any goldsmiths will buy your gold. Just look for a jewelry store.[/quote]

A few things to keep in mind.

  1. The buying price can vary depending on the current gold price as well as which goldsmith you go to.
  2. It’s good to check the weight of the gold that you’re selling on a good scale at home first.
  3. You’ll be asked to show an ID.

Any goldsmiths will buy your gold. Just look for a jewelry store.[/quote]

Why wouldn’t they? Would you not buy a 1000NT bill for 850NT? Gold is gold.

A few years ago, while traveling in Thailand, I was searching for a good hiding spot in a hotel room and I found a gold necklace sitting on top of a bathroom ceiling tile. A few months later I took it to a goldsmith/jewelry store (in Kaohsiung) to ask them if it had any value. They offered me over 6000NT for it. :discodance: I took it to another goldsmith across the street and they offered me a little bit more. It was almost the same. I suppose the price difference has to do with what riceworm mentioned.

I don’t know how they deal with 18k. Usually its 24k they prefer here. They just weigh it, show you the day’s spot price and pay accordingly. Be sure to weight it yourself beforehand, just in case the jeweler makes an… er … “mistake.”

Thanks for the responses! How about one of those gold testing devices to confirm the purity. I was hoping to find a jewelry mart (several stores together) in Taipei to improve the chances of not getting ripped off. Also, I have a diamond, and want to know the value of it. Anyplace that will give me a proper appraisal. I’m trying to save it for my future wife, but I don’t want to give her a piece of glass.

Having trouble selling my old wedding ring because it’s 14K. Damn this was easier back in the states :frowning: Any suggestions?

I’ve been going to jewelry stores.

Found a place. They offered me about 10% of spot value :loco:

It was like getting kicked in the balls on that offer, so I’ll just keep the gold I guess :bluemad:

I’ve given up trying to sell my “K Gold” which means 14-18 k. The offers I got were insulting. If anyone finds a fair buyer of old gold, please let me know.

Dunno what you mean by “fair.” Its market demand, pure and simple. You can sell 22-24k gold easily, which is all they’re really interested in here. They don’t tend to consider 14-18k as “real” gold. Probably you should hold on to it and try selling it in a country that places a value on the stuff.

Where can I sell an un-worn wedding ring? Platinum with diamonds covering half the ring.

Just find a jeweler? It has all the necessary paperwork and box.