Scrapping a car

I have one car I want to scrap… its old and nobody want to buy it from me

I assume that the motor vehicle reg office would deal with this, but how do I do it?
Are there are fees for doing this?
Do I get any money for scrapping an old car?

You can turn the plates in and keep the car if you paid all the outstanding fines and taxes. If you turn them in and agree that the vehicle can never be re-registered there is a small bonus of a few thousand NT$ IIRC.

What is it btw? I’m looking for a beater for the wife to destroy :smiley:

Taxes are due on mine, and I don’t use it enough to make it worth paying. Free to good, bad, or indifferent home. But what do I do if no-one wants it?

Where do you take the car after you hand in the plates? I don’t need an old rusty car parked outside forever.

There is an EPA toll-free number where you can arrange a pick-up and claim your rebate according to these rules:


I think the number 0800 085717.

If your car is small and automatic, PM me.