Screaming cats make me crazy ! Help, what to do?

I live in this high rise building for many years, this has never happen before.
Next to our building are some old buildings. All together is shaped that we have
an inner area. Recently I continuesly hear baby-cats screaming for their mothers
or for food, or whatever. I don’t know if they got stuck there (seems like they are
sitting on the 6th floor) and can’t find a way out. It seems nobody is living there,
maybe the family moved out, went on vacation and just left the cats behind ??
My nights became a nightmare, you cannot imagine how loud this can get …
I complain to management and ask my taiwanese neighbours for help, but it seems
they just don’t care …
In my country we call the fire-department and they would come voluntarly to rescue
those stranded cats …
I really like animals, but i am shocked myself, I sometimes think you throw over a
poisened piece of meat, but then the kadaver would make it impossibe to dry washing
outside. NoNo, don’t worry, i will not kill the cats. It is just a sign of desperation …
What to do ?? I even went to that house asking those people living there, but as my own neighbours, nobody seems to care … Your thoughts are welcomed …

As I thought it could not get worse, I now enjoy some other cat noises from the other
side as well (apartment have 2 balconys. Actually it doesn’t matter now to listen to that sterowise. I just wonder, what comes next ??

They’re not babies, they’re broody, it’s part of life here, loads of wild cats that are looking for a mate…
Same where I used to live in Taoyuan, although the bedroom was luckily not on the same side of the building as the cats, but you could hear them screaming most nights if you were on that side of the flat.
Not much you can do except move I guess…

wear earplugs… really good ones, the expanding foam type.

A while ago, there was a cat stuck on a building across from us. It was crying for two days. Nobody else seemed to mind. I called the “Li Jung” (area govt rep?) and they got the fire dept in to help it down and set it free.

Not sure what is going on here, if the cats are inside or outside. If they are just babies, they will grow quickly and start making other noises for different reasons. Have you tried to locate them? If they are outside, maybe you can see them and what is going on. The noises should become less frequent, or maybe you will just get used to it. Try some background noise, my fan is really loud. For me, it’s cats scrapping outside, not a nice sound at all.

I’ve had similar young cat trouble on a rooftop in behind where I live in recent years. A couple of them went at it vocally for days. I couldn’t believe no one else was annoyed or disturbed by it. But then again…this is Taiwan, and I have foreigner ears.
One eventually fell off the roof trying to scale it’s way down, and I went down to check it out, and thankfully saw him running around down in the alley afterward. Was I the only one who cared? I dunno.

Well, I’ve got your solution! Throw rocks or something at the little bastards. Haha…

Really, I’m not joking. Across the street from my rented apartment, there’s a little nook on the “expanded roof” of the first floor where cats used to gather and would start whining like babies. At first, I thought it was real babies… and I later found out otherwise. So, I just threw something at them and they bolted like crazy. Use something soft but heavy if you don’t want to hurt them (highly unlikely). As long as the thing makes a loud sound and lands nearby, they’ll bolt. Do this for a couple of nights and the cats will find another gathering place. (I suspect you can also throw down a bucket of water.)

You can also try putting cat food out somewhere far from your apartment… and the local cats will gather there instead! HAHAHA…

Some of my neighbors actually do mind the cat noise, and I’ve seen other people throw stuff.

The damn dog across the street is a different story, however, although his masters finally got the message after many egg-throwings and complaints to the environmental protection department.

Terrible advice! :loco: Probably kill or at least hurt the cats.

I don’t think he meant to hit the cats, just throw near them, as that should make them run away. Anyhow, there are loads of wild cats here and I don’t think there’s much that can be done about it, at least not unless the government steps in as they do in Singapore and catch all the strays and neuter them and then release them, as at least that way there won’t be any more strays.

Get a gun and shoot them, or better yet set traps and then you will have some nice pelts and plenty to eat. :raspberry:

Judging from some of the strays I’ve seen here, there ain’t much meat on them, so you’d need to kill a lot even to just feed one person :smiling_imp: