Screaming Jesus: A reincarnation of Vincent (aka the Village Idiot)?

I think that Screaming Jesus is:

  • Impersonating Vincent
  • Proof that ignorance knows no boundaries
  • Vincent with newly gained access through some IP address loophole

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After coming across some of this poster’s posts here, I am beginning to see the resemblance… You all decide. Has Vincent taken on a new form or are people like this a dime a dozen?

How do you do polls? I may want to set one up about Imanue here.

Look–tastes differ. What you see is tasteless and unpardonable, others enjoy. As long as nobody’s hurt (I mean really hurt, not just oh-so-offended), what’s the harm? You always have the option of setting up your settings to exclude my posts automatically. (Most of which, by the way, are serious in nature.)

Had to look at the archives to get the reference, but I am pleased to let you know that I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Hari Krishna Society.

see moron differs, what you see is moron and incorrigible, others concern. As long as no body care ( I mean really care, not just oh-so moreon), what’s the good? You always have the option of shutting your eyes to skip my post automagically. (Most of which, are hilarious in nature).

Had to look at archives to reflect stupidities, but I am please to let you know that I am, and also have ever been, member of the herd of moron society.


Vote to move this to the Playground Quarrel (Flame) Forum. It contributes nothing of value. Sorry ImaniOU, but this is just another insipid personal attack. Half of our current posters don’t even know who Vincent is, and you gave no examples of the supposed correlation. If you don’t like someone, just hit the ignore button (as SJ himself rather munificently pointed out).