Scrolling function has issues (Scroll Jank)

Also the notification list. Dunno what you call it but the list that appears when you click on your own icon. Sometimes nothing shows up and i need to refresh.

Also, if a reply has an embedded youtube link that I have played and then paused, when scrolling down, the youtube(s) will eventually start playing automatically again, even though they are very far out of sight.

A very scary experience.

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Yes, off and on.

Likewise using PC, Google Chrome.


I’m using a phone btw.

Thank you for the bug reports. I have switched off the Text Ads for now. Please let me know here if you continue to see the problems you have noticed.

I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my own devices (several different browsers - Opera and Chrome-based - in Windows and Android). So, we are just trying to isolate the problem at this point.


When were the Text Ads implemented?

i still had it, just now

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Me too,

2 mac’s and phone running safari all do it

I will log in on my other iMac that’s running Linux using chromium browser and see how it goes for an hour then report back

Funnily enough, it hasn’t happened to me today…yet.

Perhaps you don’t have many threads with unread posts?

Am I understanding right that you could just be sitting static reading a post and it will jump? Or does it only happen when scrolling?

No, plenty of threads with thousands of unread posts.

Yes, exactly.


I only notice when scrolling.
But my hand is always scrolling (unless I’m typing), so other may have a different experience

It’s just done it on the linux imac also, i scrolled down and stopped to read long post, halfway through reading it jumped.

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Yes, I’ve been experiencing both too. But neither yet today, knock on wood.

i just tried to figure out what level we’re at on the taiwan-covid thread, find one like that with lots of unread posts and scroll down

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I have 2,536 unread posts in that one, and I just took a little scroll there with no issues, so I guess today is my lucky day.


try scroll then pause like you was reading a long post, for a few minutes


I did that and it started again. It’s like a bad case of the hiccups…or an eyelid twitch. :rage:

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