Scuba Divers Get More Bottom Time

Or hard time in this case

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the Water,Taiwan Law rears it’s ugly head,yet again. :unamused:

If it was just head, ugly or other wise, I think the butt pirates would still be on the outside.

Still scratching my head at this one. It’s got it all.

Jeez what happened to lying.

Yeah, and what happened to plain old divorce for adultery? Jail time? Christ.

Hopefully it’s commutable to a fine per day (often is with less than 6 month sentences), otherwise…

Yeah, otherwise the guy might find out very soon how well he likes anal. :astonished:

Yeah, otherwise the guy might find out very soon how well he likes anal. :astonished:[/quote]
Maybe this is an appropriate place to re-post this picture.?

According to this article the Ministry of Justice published a survey showing that 82.2% of respondents do not want the law changed

Taiwan’s Archaic Adultery Law

So first Taiwan makes it very difficult for people to get divorced, and then makes adultery illegal and enforceable. Taiwan laws seem quite childish and unfair when it comes to allowing adults to make their own relationship choices…

On the other hand, it’s not like everyone doesn’t already know the laws. Why didn’t the couple just LIE? :astonished:

Yep, culture matters sometimes, and this is one area where the average Westerner would diverge strongly with the average local.

Why does the notion that divorce is difficult persist? If both agree you pick up a standard form, sign, have it witnessed and that’s it.

Not so fast MM. You know that divorce can be a difficult thing in the West too. Division of assets and children is the problem.

A significant factor for the tough local adultery laws are the poor treatment of women following a divorce, they often got locked out from their property and their children. It seems this is changing, but attitudes to the divorce law are taking time to change.

Of course it is difficult when children and assests are involved and disputed. But the notion persists that a no fault divorce procedure does not exist here and one must prove adultery, abandonment, etc. icon stated this not long ago too. But it’s not true. I speak from experience here.

I only have experience of marriage not divorce (fingers crossed), but if one person objects and you can’t find a ‘fault’ then it’s very difficult to get divorced, no?

Yes, but I think that is true anywhere. Here simply moving out is abandonment so I don’t think it is that difficult if you aren’t disputing property or kids. With ny ex I just gave her everything so there was nothing to dispute. :laughing:

And I thought this thread was about new advances in scuba gear technology… :unamused:

Maybe because it’s true? Sure a no fault divorce is pretty quick and easy and seems to be that way around the world. But who said anything about a no fault divorce? Often times one person wants a divorce and the other simply says NO. In Taiwan, that makes the process extremely difficult, far more so than in the west where there are certain recourses for the person to get divorced even if the spouse doesn’t want to. Often times in Taiwan couples stay married because they are forced to. The court will not allow a divorce because both people haven’t agreed. Sometimes the couple stays together legally married for years or even decades because of this silly law.

Taiwan law does not provide for [color=#FF0000]no-fault divorce[/color]. You’re thinking of [color=#FF0000]consentual divorce[/color], which Taiwan does of course have.

In a [color=#FF0000]no-fault divorce[/color], one spouse can divorce from the other without providing any reason (statutory or otherwise) and without obtaining the other spouse’s consent.

Taiwan only allows divorce for 1. statutory reasons or 2. where both parties consent to the divorce.

The opposition to [color=#FF0000]no-fault divorce [/color]in Taiwan comes primarily from various Taiwanese women’s rights organizations who believe that no-fault divorce disadvantages women.

:laughing: They don’t actually divide children. They argue over/agree to custody of children!

Sorry… I know what you meant… :sunglasses: