🤿 Scuba Diving - Courses in English?

I’m considering taking a course, probably PADI but if price were great would consider SSI or whatever. Back in the day these used to be around 10k, but I’ve asked around these days and the prices I got are higher, partly because the language.

Does anybody know of a decent course that is also cheap? trying to keep expenses under control these days.


Let me know if you figure this out.

I used to go here for diving before I started getting monthly ear infections. The owner and instructor both speak excellent English.


Thanks! I was aware of them. Still checking what other options are out there.

Those ear infections could be something different, just saying.


NE coast has Foreigner owned The Scubar
+886 970 707 313

Their website seems broken. What are their prices?

Someone told me last week that Scubar is gone now, if I’m remembering right.

I’ve been hearing Scubar was closed for years but everytime I go they are doing scuba business.

I think there’s both Scubar the restaurant and Scubar the scuba instruction.

The restaurant portion may be shut down or limited.


I ended up taking SSI Open Water, even if in the future I might switch to PADI. I got a good price, much below what some others charge (some add extra fees for teaching in English!), and it included accommodation. If anybody is really interested in doing it in Kending, please contact me by PM.